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Applause for series

I wish to applaud the series about death that recently ran in the Tribune. I especially liked the information you provided about WinterSpring Center for Living with Loss and Grief.

Winter Spring is an amazing organization offering a plethora of information and support to the grieving. Thank you for including their great works in your articles.

Perhaps, with the encouragement of your thoughtful piece, someone who is grieving will call WinterSpring today! Their number is 772-2527. ' Charyl Ray, Medford

Italian 101

Will someone please tell local entrepreneurs who use Italian names for their businesses to please get them right? Today's Business Card on page 1B features a boutique called Bella Bambino.

Italian 101: If the noun (bambino) is masculine, the adjective (bello) should be masculine. So it should read Bella Bambina (beautiful baby girl), or Bello Bambino (beautiful baby boy.)

I love the Pedrojetti family, and thought Joe was more familiar with Italian than to have let this glaring error slide.

— Incidentally, the same rule applies to names like Casa Bellisimo. If it's a casa (feminine word for house), the adjective for very beautiful should be feminine (bellisima.) ' Florence Calderone Blake, White City

Bring Home Depot here

Why doesn't the city let Home Depot have some property in the Big X? It was designed to handle the traffic and this would stop the squabbling from the neighbors.

It would be more centrally located for the convenience of customers. It would make a good anchor store for future business. Let's hear it from the city dads. ' D.J. Wray, Medford

Support the ARC store

A small thrift store that develops funds for the mentally challenged may be in danger of closing. Even though this store offers much better quality in thrift clothing and items including antiques, as compared to Medford's other thrift stores, failing sales might doom it.

The real shame of it is that the ARC Treasures II store supports many retarded citizens locally for shelter, education and learning. A nonprofit store, the ARC depends on volunteers for its help, and has a program for disabled citizens to re-enter the work place.

The for-lease sign is in the window along with the displays. I bought my entire apartment's furniture from the ARC when I moved to downtown from the Dom. I hope this store finds a way to stay open. I urge all to support our challenged citizens by supporting the store. ' Mike Hinkes, Medford

Common-sense decency

I have no problem with nudists, but what has happened to common-sense decency and dignity? The nudists have their camps, beaches and their homes where they can live the way they wish.

We have so many laws and ordinances that I am sure very few have read them all. Why not go back to simple common-sense rules? If you are nude in a public place that is indecent exposure.

Why can't we go back to the laws that do not handcuff our police and lawmakers and let them do the jobs they were trained to do? Ashland is a community that relies on tourists; how long do you think it will take before people with families, couples or seniors decide Ashland is not the place to go?

People love the uniqueness of our small city. If we have a distasteful atmosphere they can go to Portland or San Francisco to see plays.

Gas prices are not the only thing that will keep tourists away. Why do we allow so few to spoil life for so many? ' Lois Shafer, Ashland