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Hurt their own cause

Apparently some people felt it was their civic duty to be rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful when the president of our country visited Jackson County this week. We have no sympathy for the troublemakers who got in trouble in Jacksonville. They have hurt their own cause. ' Robert and Joanne Wilcox, Central Point

Appalled by police action

As a member of Citizens for Peace and Justice, a nonviolent Medford group that played a role organizing the peaceful protests of President Bush's visit here last Thursday, I was appalled by the SWAT team's behavior in attacking the protesters outside the Jacksonville Inn.

From all reports, police without provocation smashed into the crowd, shooting pepper balls at fleeing protesters. Probably, the president complained about the noise and the results were what we saw. Shameful. ' Allen Hallmark, Ashland

Varble column brilliant

Bill Varble's column on this past Sunday was one of the most brilliant, succinct, empathic pieces of writing I have seen. Its brevity and clarity, getting precisely at the issue, was wondrous.

I am a mental health nurse practitioner. I have dealt with a lot of people here in this county who experience the condemnation of friends who see their difficulties as arising out of an inadequate not right relationship with God, or the intimation of evil. Thus I often hear first hand the impact of how humans make God in their image ' no matter what the cultural, philosophical, theocratic, dogmatic frame of reference. ' Susan Wrona, Medford

It was Freud

In response to Bill Varble's Oct. 10 column, it was a psychologist, Sigmund Freud, not a philosopher, who claimed man made God in his image. In reality, God is sui generis, in a class by himself. The eternal, self-existent, immutable God does all his holy will. ' Melissa Martin Stiles, Medford

Arafat's contradiction

Gerald Cavanaugh (Oct. 8) along with many independent scholars promote a utopian vision for a single Israeli/Palestinian state with all citizens enjoying equal rights and responsibilities. Except for the Jews, of course. Consider the following quote from Yasser Arafat in a speech to Arab diplomats at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden:

You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews will not want to live among us Arabs. I have no use for Jews, they are and remain Jews.

This speech took place on Jan. 30, l996, eight years after Mr. Cavanaugh assures us that Arafat, as official spokesperson for the PLO, formally accepted and recognized Israel's right to exist. A bit of a contradiction, wouldn't you say? ' Larry Buchanan, Ashland

Ignorance of history

Mr. Cavanaugh's lament (Oct. 8) that we are not heeding the advice of many independent scholars for a single-state solution demonstrates complete ignorance of the history of Israel.

It was the Jews escaping persecution to make new lives for themselves in Palestine who were content to live in peace with their Arab neighbors. On the other hand, it was the Arab ruling class and the Islamic religious leaders that wanted Palestine to be a completely Arab state and to stop all Jewish immigration.

Democracy and the prospect of all citizens enjoying equal rights, as Cavanaugh proposes, was never on their political agenda. It was incessant warfare against the Jews by Arab terrorists and surrounding Arab states that made necessary the creation of an independent Jewish state that could more efficiently defend itself.

The responsibility for the disintegration of Arab life in the so-called occupied territories lies mainly with a leadership that still clings to a force-of-arms solution rather than negotiation that would imply an end to terrorism. ' Michelle Montgomery, Gold Hill

Measure 36 vital

Measure 36 puts in our state Constitution the words: Marriage is only between one man and one woman.

Presently we have over 350 separate statutes reaffirming Oregon Revised Statute 106, written 141 years ago, which states marriage can only be between a man and woman 17 years and older. The work of four Multnomah County commissioners to skirt these laws and the efforts of judges to thwart our laws makes it vitally necessary and clear that the preservation of the marriage institution must be included in our state Constitution.

Check out for an extensive Q&A. ' Ren?e Anderson, Medford

Esquivel is a hard worker

Finding a political candidate who knows the meaning of hard work can often be challenging. However, I have found Sal Esquivel to be just that.

He is a product of our local schools. He worked hard to establish his own thriving businesses. He and his wife Jan worked hard to raise a family of five.

And just when you thought he had done it all, he started working even harder for his community. The years he spent on the Medford City Council were some of the most productive.

He fought to build more parks and school playgrounds and pushed to revitalize downtown Medford. And all the while, government spending decreased.

The things Sal Esquivel has accomplished for his community are in my opinion just the 'tip of the iceberg'. If we send him to Salem, we can bet he will do nothing but good thing for our state. ' Tom Powers, Central Point

Vote yes on 37

In the early 1970s the state of Oregon (LCDC) miszoned thousands of acres of rural land as farm or forest land. The highest and best use of this land is for individual home sites.

If our land-use laws are to protect farm land, why is concrete and asphalt expanding out from Medford and Central Point like an unstoppable lava flow? If several thousand home sites were available on our mis-zoned rural lands, would not that help slow the concrete and asphalt sprawl onto the best farm land?

Our land-use laws need reform! Our Legislature and governor have refused to start it. Our state Supreme Court refused to allow a 54 percent favorable vote of the people for Measure 7 to start it.

Please join me in again trying to start the process of land-use law reform by voting yes on Measure 37. ' Wayne Cabler, Medford

Vote for Buckley

Peter Buckley deserves our support in his run to represent our district in the Oregon House. Peter has the enthusiasm and ability to work with people that will make him an effective legislator.

One of the areas I know he cares about and will work for is access to affordable quality health care. He feels we must invest our resources in cost-effective programs such as Oregon Project Independence, which enables seniors and disabled persons to stay in their own homes rather than in higher cost institutions.

Peter believes insurance policies should cover mental illness on the same basis as any illness, and that insurance companies should have to justify to the state any proposed increases in rates before they are approved.

Please vote and encourage others to vote for Peter Buckley for House District 5. ' Mary Jo Owens, Ashland

Yes for sidewalks

As a board member for Medford School District 549c, I am committed to the safety and educational well-being of our children. As a Jackson County citizen and property owner, I am concerned with the quality of life for all our local families.

Please join me in supporting Measure 15-60, which will protect our children by putting sidewalks near our city's elementary schools. The cost is a mere 10 cents per thousand dollars of value ' which will be offset by the retiring of the McAndrews Road Overpass bond this year. A small price to pay for the safety of 5- through 12-year-olds!

Vote yes on Measure 15-60! ' Tricia M. Prendergast, Medford, 549c School Board member

Densmore has integrity

Your editorial of Oct. — perfectly expressed what I've felt about the election.

I was one of the callers to the candidates' forum held on Channel 9 last week, the one where C.W. Smith failed to appear. I asked a question Sue Densmore had no scripted answer to, but within two minutes she came up with six positive suggestions about increasing riders on RVTD.

She is smart, dedicated and sure enough of her positions that she doesn't have to look over her shoulder to see who holds the contrary view. In other words, she has integrity. I think we in Jackson County are lucky to have such an excellent person running for office. ' Angus Brownfield, Ashland

Voting for Doty

I'm voting for John Doty in part because he's just a good, decent guy.

Obviously, that's not enough to be a capable legislator, but it tells me that when John looks me in the eye and says education is critical to our future, he means it and he'll do his best to get adequate funding for schools at all levels.

The fact that he's a longtime Oregonian and a social studies teacher certainly qualifies him by experience and training to deal with the vital public policy issues facing the state. In addition to quality education, John's priorities are affordable health care, respect for individual taxpayers and support for small businesses.

Republicans have controlled the Oregon House for the past 14 years. The result: under-funded education, cuts to health care for our most vulnerable neighbors, fewer police on our streets and highways. It's time for a change. Vote for John Doty. ' Tom Johnston, Medford

Measure 36 fails test

As a man who has been married to the same woman for many years, I should not be concerned over Measure 36. However, the test of all legislation is, does the public good outweigh the restrictions on individual liberty.

Measure 36 fails this test in many ways. I have not been able to find any public good in 36. It will not improve the 50 percent heterosexual divorce rate, it will not reduce the number of single-parent families and it will not reduce teen pregnancies.

It will get government involved in the most personal of all choices ' that of one's sexual partner. Government does not belong here and we should reject Measure 36.

For those of you whose religion rejects homosexual relationships, your church can still refuse to marry homosexual couples. Just do not ask government to make the rejection for you. ' Marc Heritage, Rogue River