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Facts shatter myth

The oft-repeated myth ' especially among American Zionists ' that in the 40-year Israeli occupation/confiscation of Palestine it is only Palestinians who are terrorists is repeated again in a letter of Oct. 18.

The bloody facts on the ground in Palestine, however, continually shatter that myth. Even Israelis acknowledge the shame of their state terrorism. The highly respected Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, for example, reports in its Oct. 17 issue that more than 30 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip in a two-week period. And in the overall count of the victims of the intifada, 557 Palestinian children were killed compared with 110 Israeli children.

As a member of the Israeli Knesset said in a speech before that body, it is no longer possible to claim that all these children were killed by mistake. An army doesn't make more than 500 day-to-day mistakes of identity.

The cold-blooded slaughter of innocents, whoever's doing the slaughtering, is terrorism, pure, simple and bloody. Forget the lie that occupiers are not terrorists. That's exactly what they are, whether in Palestine or Iraq. ' Isaac Walker, Ashland

Think of what you eat

This is a delicacy that is produced by a tortuous procedure on animals. The food is foie gras (pronounced fwah grah), which means fatty liver in French.

Foie gras comes from several weeks of force feeding of months-old ducks and geese. A tube is shoved down the throats of the birds and up to seven pounds of a corn mixture is pumped into their stomachs daily. This procedure enlarges the livers to 10 times their normal size.

— The process is horrific to the birds, and many of them die daily. Check out nofoiegras.com.

At least two Ashland establishments (one a restaurant, one a gourmet retailer) still offer foie gras. But action is happening against this gruesome procedure. Two Ashland restaurants recently removed foie gras from their menus. California just passed a bill banning its production and provision by 2012.

Please do not support a place where foie gras is offered. Are we not civilized enough to reject extreme cruelty to animals? Why doesn't the Golden Rule apply to animals too? Simply, think of what you eat. ' Ben Benjamin, Ashland

What a relief

Recently two different writers inform us that Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization 10 or 15 years ago officially recognized Israel's right to exist in peace and security.

Whoa ... am I ever relieved! Never mind that the PLO has never amended its charter to recognize Israel as a state ' you can certainly count on Yasser Arafat to be true to his word. And all those other terrorist attacks after the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993 and that pesky little 2nd Intifada beginning in 2000 were just figments of our imagination. And, even better, we don't have to worry about the Iranian ship that was confiscated carrying major arms and weapon systems to the PLO a couple of years ago or the Al Aqsa brigade that is part of the PLO saying they will drive all Jews into the sea.

Thank you Dane Coefer and Gerald Cavanaugh for relieving any concerns I have ever had about Israel's survival and it's peace and security. ' Susan Wilson, Ashland

Take warnings seriously

If you are the parents of children attending Lone Pine Elementary School or anyone living within the area surrounding it, please take the cougar warnings seriously. A cougar jumped a fence and killed my cat in my back yard last Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

This cougar lives close enough to consider the streets and yards of northeast Medford its territory, is stressed enough to hunt in residential areas, has little fear of humans and sees your beloved pets or, God forbid, you or your children, as prey. I have been told that ODFW is unable to do anything, and unless or until a human being is killed or injured, or the county commissioners restore funding for wildlife control (about &

36;40,000 annually), there is currently no civil authority that will protect us from this particular animal because we live within city limits.

Don't wait to experience a tragedy. Learn and institute cougar safety measures. Bring your pets indoors at night. Regret offers little comfort when dealing with grief. ' S. Zimmerman, Medford