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AGP endorses candidates

Advocates for Genuine Progress, a local sustainable futures group, has endorsed the following candidates:

Ashland mayor ' John Morrison

Ashland City Council position — ' Jack Hardesty.

Ashland City Council position — ' none (neither Hartzell nor Morris responded).

Ashland City Council position 5 ' Russ Silbiger.

County commissioner ' none (Neither Densmore nor Smith responded).

— State representative, District 5 ' Peter Buckley.

State senator, District — ' none (neither Bates nor Wright responded).

Each candidate was sent a questionnaire asking for their positions on growth and on specific issues before the community and state. The endorsements are based on their responses. Advocates for Genuine Progress was founded originally as the local chapter of Alternatives to Growth Oregon. ' Connie Battaile, Ashland

Choice is simple

To everyone out there supporting Bush, I implore you to look at the facts. First, worldwide terrorism has increased since 9/11, not decreased. Feel safer? Second, it has been proven that Iraq had no WMDs, no link to al-Qaida, and was not a threat to the United States.

Third, over 16,000 innocent Americans and Iraqis were murdered because Bush lied about Iraq. Fourth, Bush is responsible for squandering the largest budget surplus in the history of America, and giving us the largest debt in our history.

He also oversaw a current net loss of nearly — million jobs. I personally feel that this country will crumble if Bush is elected (not re-elected, he was appointed last time). The choice this year is simple. If you want arrogance, ignorance and recklessness in office, then vote for Bush. If you want reason, intelligence and compassion, then vote for John Kerry. ' Craig Stephens, Ashland

Kerry's incoherence

Sen. Kerry has observed that as a Catholic he believes human life begins at conception but then asserts that he should not impose through law his belief on others. Finding this view somewhat mystifying, I tried to make sense out of it by running the following thought experiment based on an earlier debate.

Prior to the Civil War, some opposed laws permitting slavery on religious grounds; others supported those laws on religious grounds. Based on Kerry's logic, it would be wrong for the former to impose their religious views on the latter by opposing the latter's right to own slaves.

The analogy is all the more compelling because in both slavery and abortion, the powerful define the humanity of the powerless, confirming Thucydides' insight that there is a tide in the affairs of men, the strong take what they can and the weak suffer what they must. ' Robert D. Snider, Medford

Move Doonesbury

Doonesbury is not a social commentary. It is a political commentary, and a highly partisan one. It belongs squarely on your editorial page. In this peak political season we can look forward to a steady stream of carefully focused political spin, direct from the author to readers of comics.

I wouldn't mind that if I was looking for it (reading your editorials). I do mind the drive-by politicizing of entertainment by people who are very carefully intending to do exactly that. By allowing it, you're a party to a dishonest act. Please ... move this strip elsewhere. ' Jon Schmidt, Medford

A newcomer's view

Two years ago I moved here from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. One of the attractions of this state was the sense of distinct communities and rural areas. I'm still grateful that when driving between Eugene and Portland, where 80 percent of the people live, I go through towns and cities and I'm right back in the country.

In the Twin Cities, which are over 40 miles wide and long, just when you think you're in the country, there sits a development of 40 or more houses surrounded by cornfields. No community, just houses and clogged rural roads.

Don't lose this treasure you have preserved. Endless strip malls and houses between Eugene and Portland, or Grants Pass to Ashland. Think of our quality of life.

Vote no on 37. ' Hank Morgan, Medford