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No free ride

C.W. Smith and Jack Walker support a free ride for Measure 37 applications.

If the Measure 37 applications are free, as the two commissioners propose, the cost will be paid by you, the taxpayers. That is unfair and discriminates against other property owners who must pay significant fees for services related to their property. The present fee structure is fair to all.

Call Walker at 774-6118 and Smith at 774-6712. ' Mary-Kay Michelsen, Ashland

Kinkade? Yuck

Regarding the Shaefers' proposed Thomas Kinkade Development, I tried to imagine a less appealing idea, but failed.

When I mentioned to an artist friend that Kinkade was to art as fast food is to nutrition, he corrected me. Kinkade is to art as pigeons are to statues.

This mass-produced sentimental schlock is bad enough on walls, stealing income from struggling local artists throughout the world, but to add our talented local architects and designers to the victim pool is too much.

— I encourage Mr. Shaefer to take this idea to coastal New Jersey. Perhaps there it can be overlooked as just one folly among many. ' Nancy Ames Cole, Ashland

Greystone says thanks

The residents of Greystone Court want to say thanks for the generosity of our fellow citizens in the valley. It's always gratifying and amazing what you deliver each year.

This year we collected 6,600 pounds of food and &

36;6,519 in cash. Special thanks to the seven donors that contributed &

36;1,200 and one donor that delivered 1,300 pounds of food. ACCESS will be able to provide 45,715 meals to hungry families and individuals in our community throughout the holidays and into the new year.

We pray that this annual event continues to be a successful tradition. Christmas lights brighten our street, but the spirit of Christmas brightens our hearts.

We hope to see you next year. Happy New Year. ' Doug and Barbara Rush, on behalf of the residents of Greystone Court

At it again

Bush is at it again, manufacturing a 'crisis that does not exist.

Remember the nonexistent WMDs that were the excuse to invade Iraq? This time it's Social Security.

True, Social Security will have a funding problem in 50 years or so, and modest changes will correct these. So why now?

Like most of Bush's crises, this one is based on ideology, not facts or reason. Bush and his minions in Congress want to gut the social programs of the New Deal that have saved millions from poverty and replace their security with the minions of Wall Street and the risky stock market.

In Britain and Chile, where privatization has been tried, there has been no reduction in public spending. Besides, the government will have to borrow up to &

36;2 trillion to finance the transition. By the time Bush is done with this country, Argentina will appear a bastion of fiscal sanity. ' Frank R. Hieber, Medford

Offended by Reimer

In reference to the Jan. 6 MT Family section, the commentary by Susan Reimer smacks of something out of a feminist magazine, and I for one was very offended by the article.

In speaking for those of us males who know the difference in domestic deep cleaning, can cook from scratch, furnish/decorate their own homes, are active, physically fit, involved in community activities, the arts, involved with their wife/other/family/friends, still are gentlemen who open doors and know the value of a true lady ' well there are us guys out here!

Maybe Ms. Reimer should stop complaining and go it alone. Guess we males, if so inclined, could use the other side of the coin and say, females are just fluff on a man's arm ' but being a gentleman, I will not! ' Robert Johnson, Medford