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Enough is enough

OK! OK! Molly and Krugman and other critics of Mr. Bush: enough is enough. I agree with your positions, your economic analysis, and your sound conclusions.

But what about the solutions? We are watching the United States march toward a neo-fascist state. Crying stolen elections, conspiracies and the biased conservative media won't do it, although the latter helps explain why one-half of the electorate voted for this administration. To move on from this stalemate we need strong opposition, not a Democratic Party moving to the right to accommodate a reactionary philosophy.

We must hear constructive ideas and policies from our Senate leaders, from Democratic representatives, from an energized labor movement and from media not afraid to incur the wrath of this bad novel administration. And we need massive public participation: Town to town, street to street, door to door, progressive Americans must organize to be heard. ' Evelyn Rivlin, Ashland

Sanitation problem

Thank God Albertsons has taken the lead by putting disinfectant wipes by their grocery carts so you can clean the cart handles before touching or using them.

I wonder how many cooties, boogers and germs from sick adults and little kids are passed from person to person by handling dirty cart handles. Hopefully the other stores will follow suit. Thanks Albertsons! Should the County Health Department check this problem out ?' Chuck Brook, Medford

A fool's retirement plan

Social Security is going broke. There is no Social Security trust fund. Social Security comes from the general fund, the apparently bottomless pit in Washington. When Social Security was created, it took approximately 17 paychecks to fund one recipient. Now it is down to approximately two to three paychecks to fund one recipient, all within some 60 years.

— When I reach retirement age in 40 years, Social Security will be broke. It is time to try something else. Social Security was an experiment, and any scientist will tell you experiments can fail, and this one is well on its way.

Social Security is a fine example of what eventually happens to a bloated social safety net. I will not rely on the government to provide for me at my old age as that is a fools retirement plan, at least any fool my age.

Everyone should support Social Security reform. Social Security recipients who are adamant against change are screwing over their grandchildren. On the other hand, they could take comfort that they will never see the damage their selfishness will create for my generation in their lifetimes. ' Bryan Hinkle, White City


Can you imagine what could be accomplished if all the Bush-bashers directed their energy toward something a bit more constructive? ' Lu Vobora, Medford

Either way

In response to M. Conens, Medford: Murder or abortion? Either way, a baby dies! ' H. Rogers, Talent