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Written by Christians

The 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision was, in actual fact, written and confirmed by devout Christian men of strong moral character. We can all give a prayer of thanks for their vigilance and wisdom.

America has over &

36;6 trillion in debt. Do we need 46 million unwanted citizens wasting billions of tax dollars on foster care, jail cells, drug rehab and other expensive programs? Instead of complaining, we should be grateful. ' James Snyder, Central Point

Republicans helped, too

It's always hilarious to read a letter from a self-appointed expert who proves himself spectacularly incapable or unwilling to tell the truth. A case in point is Ron Smith who in these pages blamed the 58,000 Vietnam casualties on Democratic presidents, somehow ignoring the roles of Eisenhower (Republican) who got us in, Nixon (Republican) under whom the war reached its bloody crescendo, and Ford (Republican), who presided over its humiliating and pointless end. ' R. J. Izor Medford

Do the math

Every time there is a great natural disaster (excluding those on U.S. soil), the foreign aid goes forth, and the pundits among us rise up, and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the fact that we are so (relatively) stingy.

Proof of this is always offered in terms of how much less than other countries we give as a percentage of gross domestic product. The Danes (and I say God bless 'em), give a full 0.92 percent of theirs, while we cough up a meager 0.14 percent of ours.

Just once I would like to hear someone complete this equation: 0.92 percent of &

36;167.2 billion (Denmark's 2004 GDP) equals slightly more than &

36;1.5 billion; 0.14 percent of &

36;11 trillion (our 2004 GDP), equals &

36;15.4 billion.

— My question is this: Which matters more to a stricken country, the fact that our contribution as a percentage of GDP is one-tenth the size of Denmark's, or the fact that the actual amount is 10 times as much? ' Ken Schmidt, Medford

A good education

According to Gov. Kulongoski we face a billion-dollar shortfall in terms of what would constitute an adequate budget amount for the state of Oregon. Social programs (always easy targets for Republicans eager to cry waste) are not the only losers. For the wealthiest nation on earth, the present situation in Oregon, where school programs such as art and music are all but eliminated and students are forced to contribute ever-increasing amounts for sports participation, is unacceptable.

I was reassured when our Republican president came up with the snappy No Child Left Behind slogan. Of course the campaign is over and our president, busy conqueror that he is, seems to have forgotten his pledge, or was it merely campaign propaganda? (Perhaps, like his National Guard obligation, it slipped his mind?)

The perfect solution to our cash shortfall might be for our Republican lawmakers to appeal to our Republican president, explaining to him in simple words (so that he might understand) the madness of expending over a billion dollars a week in Iraq, with no viable exit strategy in sight, while our children are being deprived of what we rightfully owe them: a good education. ' Bob Warren, Central Point

Which is worse?

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Eight Medford businesses illegally sell alcohol to a minor. They are cited into court and face a &

36;360 fine. Servers and bartenders face administrative sanctions including fines and/or license suspensions.

An employee of a drug rehabilitation center gives alcohol and controlled substances to four juveniles who are there seeking help. She pleads guilty to one felony and the other seven, plus one misdemeanor, are dismissed. She receives two years probation and 120 community service hours.

What's wrong with this picture? ' C. Norman, Gold Hill