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Don't miss 'Relentless'

The debate over Israel vs. Palestinians (and other Arab nations) continues to manifest itself locally and is reflective of the entire world. The human tragedy suffered by both sides, although horrendous to the individuals involved, pales in comparison to numerous other current and recent global conflicts. So why so much media attention?

In the near future, knowledgeable partisans on both sides will be invited to join a public debate. Meanwhile, one can become quite familiar with the recent history by tuning into a compelling TV broadcast of the film, Relentless.

Recent Mideast footage on both Israeli and Arab television features Arafat, Clinton, Rabin, Sharon and other leaders. The film has been acclaimed for its easy-to-understand analysis of recent agreements. Equally compelling, it shows the compliance or lack of compliance by both parties to the agreements.

The broadcast is on RVTV channels 31 and 15 (Jackson and Josephine counties respectively) at 9 p.m. tonight (Jan. 22).

In-depth programs such as Relentless should be viewed if one desires a good understanding of these complicated issues as opposed to reliance upon uninformed letters to the editor. ' Sally Telpner, Ashland

Rejecting God's rule

When we see weather conditions that cause death, pain and destruction, we need to remember that this world has rejected God's rule.

— There are two forces at work in our world and many times it looks as though evil is winning. Since the Garden of Eden, mankind has rebelled against God, and consequently we are paying the consequences for our hatred against God.

So let's not put the blame on the almighty one. He and his word (the Bible) will always stand. His word has never been proved wrong and history proves that the nation who puts the Lord as their God will stand the tests of time. The same is true for individuals.

Look around and ask yourself these questions: Is our world getting better or worse? What kind of movies, videos and music is Hollywood producing? Are we getting a handle on drug use, alcoholism, pornography and gambling?

Let's put the blame where it belongs. All this and much more can be laid at the feet of the prince and the power of the air, Satan. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

Humiliate offenders

Humiliate the offender ' what a concept.

I watched a TV show in which a town decided on how to punish their criminals: drunk drivers, sex offenders, thieves, etc. The town had a new law that made the offender stand for hours a day in downtown with a large sign describing what they had done.

Example: A drunk driver had to stand with a sign in the spot of the accident that stated, I drove drunk and killed someone. This would humiliate the offender for hours upon hours and would make others think twice about doing a crime if they had to stand and be humiliated for the crimes they do.

Just how would our city be able to get this in motion, to be either a community service tool or part of their parole? I think that it would do so much good, and not cost the city any money to punish the offender ' this is something that should be done! ' Susie Clogston, Central Point

Whose moral standards?

Republican thug Tom Delay, who holds office as Senate majority leader, wanted to change the rules of the House Ethics Committee to suit his needs.

This outrageous action taken by the Republican majority leads to one question ' what happened to the great moral standards that the right-wing claims to honor and uphold? ' Virginia M. Newton, Medford