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Letters to the editor

Grades not inflated

Regarding the letter from D. Matznick (Jan. 25) let me say if 34 percent of the students at Hedrick are making the honor roll that means 66 percent are not. I hardly think that statistic gives the impression that Hedrick students are given inflated grades.

Congratulations to the hard-working students, teachers and administrators at Hedrick, and to the Mail Tribune for publishing all students who make the honor roll, not just the 4.0 students. ' Linda Leaming, Medford

It's not our fault

Here it is again. Within the article 'Juveniles keep cops busy,' Arnie Green, executive director of Community Works, blames the government entities because teens/children are bored and therefore commit crimes. He wants more community alternatives to keep them involved.

Involved in what? We already have skate parks, sports teams, parks, YMCAs, scouts, school activities, innumerable things for all age groups. Why is it always someone else's fault? It's never the person's fault that he commits crimes.

How many of us grew up in areas where every spare minute was filled with activities planned and coordinated by the government agencies? It doesn't matter what social tier the child comes from, there are bored, spoiled individuals in all areas. They expect to be entertained and if they're not, then it's our problem.

I, for one, thank the law enforcement officials for trying to curtail the problem. There is no such thing as a minor offense. If it's wrong and against the law, it's wrong and a crime, and appropriate action should be taken. ' P. Moran, Medford

Some clarifications

In response to the many repetitious letters over the past weeks, allow me to clarify some things:

1. Bush did win. You Democrats would gloat too if (God help us) Kerry would've won.

2. All of you who write anti-war/anti-Iraq letters: I'm sure you all feel good about yourselves after droning on about how horrible war is. Does anyone say that they like war? No. Saying it's terrible is redundant. But you're going to have to come to grips with the fact that sometimes war is the only method to accomplish a goal, and guess what: It's working!

3. Social Security must be reformed. We all know this. And yes, it costs money. You shouldn't be shocked to learn that people believe they should have a say in their own retirement accounts. The American people don't like being ruled by an elitist government. Shocking, isn't it?

4. The education system does not need more money. This has been proven time and again. We have got to actually fix the problems themselves instead of letting the Democrats throw more of our tax money at them.

Our country voted for George W. Bush for these reasons. Hope this helps. ' Jason Ferrer, Central Point

Trap kills dog

This past weekend in TouVelle Park, more specifically at the Denman wildlife area, Ruby, the beloved canine of a dear friend of mine, was killed instantly by the jaws of a trap set to kill raccoons, muskrat, otters and such.

As many people in the area do daily, Ruby and her owner were out for their walk through the park, taking in the flora, sights and sounds as they did so often. Ruby, the happy wanderer, ventured off the path into the brush. Immediately her master heard her cry for help.

As she approached that fretful spot in the brush, there lay Ruby with her head/neck caught in the trap. Law enforcement officers responded, but were only able to offer condolences.

The officer who responded stated that trap was legal. The man who set the trap(s) was contacted and he apologized but said he had a permit for the trap.

Lastly, what if a child had wondered away from the path? Would something change then? ' Denise Shannon, Medford