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Letters to the editor

Something wrong on Saturday

The front page in Saturday's MT headlined a story and a three-column color picture of smelly water in Ashland. On page 9A under News Briefs, a small headline and story datelined Washington read The economy in 2004 was the best in five years. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? ' Tom Brussat, Jacksonville

No on prevention

There is a bill pending in the Legislature to help prevent the decaying of children's teeth (HB2025).

You can forget a yes vote from Rep. Dennis Richardson. His doctrine is that nothing should be done until a harmful situation occurs that might have been prevented.

For children, evidently their teeth must fall out before he would act. For the elderly and/or disabled, he recently said no (documented) to a preventive measure for them et al. ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

Even more diabolical

Regarding Mr. Neal's letter in Friday's paper: it is even more diabolic than he thinks. Republicans have figured out how to pollute your rivers, but not theirs. They have figured out how to destroy your Social Security, but not theirs. They have figured out how to ruin your child's education, but not theirs.

The recent snow storm that buried the East coast? Yep, you guessed it, thank a Republican!

— We have finally taken control of the weather! ' Claudine Wales, Eagle Point

Have a plan

My mother recently passed away somewhat unexpectedly. It's only been two weeks, though in that two weeks I have learned a lot that I think others should surely know about.

1. Have a plan. Know what your loved ones want. Do they want a casket or cremation? Do they want viewing at all? Do they want to have a service or a funeral in a church, or in a hall, or at all?

2. List accounts. Who are your creditors? Where do you have accounts? Do you have a retirement and if so, with whom?

3. Life insurance is serious, and so is a will. Have someone designated to handle your affairs and let your family deal with your death in peace and knowing they're financially OK, at least to handle the costs of your funeral/services.

In closing, always make a point to let those around you know that you love them. Nobody wants to plan for death, though it's guaranteed to happen to all of us. Go down and take care of steps 1-3 right now. It'll save you much time and stress down the road. ' Steve M. Ryan and family, Medford

Time to spread wisdom

Early in January Greenpeace stated in an article that our region is a keystone forest with great diversity. As a practicing forester and member of the Society of American Foresters I would agree with that statement. Greenpeace went on to say that we must preserve this region to maintain the diversity.

In order to preserve the region, no commercial forest management could be allowed. Any knowledgeable biologist/naturalist will tell you that you cannot preserve a forest. Forests change constantly in species composition and numbers of trees. Forest diversity can be enhanced with active forest management and even simplified without it.

Forest science is a skill that has had a long distinguished career in our nation's colleges, and the archives are brimming with forestry research. The debate is not preservation versus forest management, but more importantly knowledge versus ignorance.

For anybody to profess the philosophy of disregarding scientific knowledge and always let nature run its course is an indication of unawareness. I am quite sure an enlightened society win not let this foolish philosophy prevail. ' Scott Haupt, Eagle Point