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Where was the leash'

It's sad to read the letter about the dog killed by a wildlife trap at the Denman wildlife area. But one thing is missing from the letter: The word leash. Based on my recent visit to that general area, it seems the concept of picking up after one's dog is also missing. ' M. Conens, Medford,

Excuses, lies, making money

I am saddened to read about the Bush administration requesting &

36;80 billion for wars again, totaling more than &

36;280 billion. The articles also stated &

36;613 billion was spent on World War I and &

36;623 billion was spent on the Vietnam War. So who financed those billions and added that amount to the federal deficit?

Did I also hear that Bush stated that we need to go to war as Iraq got weapons of mass destruction and found nothing? Did I also hear that the troops' salaries are not great? So where do all those billions go and our grandchildren have to pay for them?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., asked, Why hasn't the president and the Pentagon provided members of Congress a full accounting of previous expenditures? ' no accountability! If Enron executives have over 700 companies in offshore islands, I wonder how many companies or blind trusts they have. Then again, Martha Stewart has to go to jail for lying to the prosecutors. What are the consequences if Bush lied? ' Sam Fung, Medford

Reactionary, not conservative

When I tuned my radio to a news program on Inauguration Day all I heard was the wind blowing through the Shrub. It was a mild wind,but enough to ruffle my feathers.

Bush has solutions for things a lot of intelligent people don't consider to be problems and creates problems for which he thinks he has solutions. He ignores the real problems of the country because he has no answers.

— The breeze blows kindly on those who are nesting in the shrubbery, but very harshly upon those in flimsy shelters or who are caught out in the open.

It seems to me that reactionary would be a more fitting term than conservative for this regime. We are headed back to days when young people were expected to take care of their elders even when they were often barely able to take care of themselves.

That was the decade of the '20s. The '30s brought us social legislation which Bush seems bent on eliminating. I call that reactionary. ' Donald W. Kitchens, Medford

Keep farmland farmland

I vehemently protest the development of the land along Interstate 5. I did not come here to live near (or in) suburbia. I moved away from that because there were too many people in too small a space.

I can only imagine the load that this would put on exits 35 and 40, and the Central Point water supply. The area being discussed for development is farmland (the country). Keep the farmland farmland. The last thing we need out here is more suburbia.

Those of us that live in rural areas are there because it's rural. And the Medford area needs another golf course like I need another hole in my head. There is already a nice quiet nine-hole course at exit 40 (that's usually not busy). I hope that it is not the one included in the facetious development plans.

There will be public protests if this is allowed to proceed. Don't californicate Oregon! ' Wil Scarrow, Gold Hill

Flag committee says thanks

The Avenue of the Flags Committee of the Eagle Point Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank everyone who contributed and volunteered in 2004.

Contributors included the Eagle Point Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Point Lions Club and then Veterans of Foreign Wars. We had 50 donations for flags and poles, and donations from United Pipe of PVC pipe for our new extension on Steven Road, from Quality Fence and from Hanscom Logging.

Our group will display flags for Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day this year.

For information about donations or contributions, call Helen Wolgamott at 830-4049 or drop off a veterans flag or make a donation for flag poles at the Eagle Point City Hall, 17 Buchannan Ave., Eagle Point. ' Helen Wolgamott, flag committee chairwoman, Eagle Point