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Letters to the editor

Rude treatment

Reading the letter from the Sinclair family about the rudeness of Ashland High students brought back memories. Four years ago my daughter played basketball on the Rogue River High varsity team which went to Ashland to play their varsity.

Rogue River was way behind, which was bad enough, but throughout the game the students and parents in the stands taunted the girls and called out extremely rude personal comments. One Ashland parent was so embarrassed he came over to sit on our side.

Every time I hear the people of Ashland are supposed to be so peace-loving and tolerant, I remember that horrible evening. The Rogue River team didn't deserve the treatment they got at the hands of the Ashland students and parents. ' Joan Jones, Rogue River

Stick to adult issues

The Christian right's stance that cartoon characters such as SpongeBob are gay is ridiculous. My sons are 2 years old and 7 years old and don't know what gay is. It is an adult ideation projection onto childhood characters which are meant for children.

These lovable characters like SpongeBob and Patrick as best friends in a cartoon are innocent, not sexual. My children love them. The Teletubbies are colorful, child-like characters which speak the same language as a toddler and should not have adult issues attached to them.

— For example, last week, an editorial cartoon depicted SpongeBob and Tinky-winky getting married, and on Saturday, Jan. 29, a cartoon showed two men at a table discussing whether the style of SpongeBob's attire is something for a gay person to wear or not. The Christian right and whoever else, please leave childhood characters alone and stick to adult issues. ' Shona Harris, Medford

Leave the money alone

This notice is to all the people of Grants Pass, the state of Oregon and all the rest of the 50 states.

It's about time the American people got up in arms and got a movement started to save the baby boomers and all Americans from losing Social Security. Who was the person who started to put all Social Security money in the general fund where it can be grabbed by President Bush to fund anything he wants to spend it for?

The money paid into Social Security, if kept in the Social Security fund to collect interest, would never run out of money and still be there for all who paid into it.

Our representatives in Oregon should start to push to get the money put and left in Social Security where it is supposed to stay. Call Sen. Wyden and Rep. DeFazio and tell them to get started before President Bush bankrupts Social Security. He will deplete it if it's left in the general fund. ' Cliff Ravencroft, Grants Pass