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Letters to the editor

Our tax dollars at work

We can now add one more legacy that MURA has given to Medford. MURA now gives us the mountable curb at the fantastic giveaway remodel price of &


It's amazing where our tax dollars go. With parking structures, bulb-outs and now mountable curbs, I think it's time for MURA to close shop. Gotta be a better place for our tax dollars to go. ' Jack E. Shaffer, Medford

A no-confidence vote

How can the Medford school board seriously consider a candidate for superintendent who has no faith in the public schools? Phil Long's home-schooling of his own children is in effect is a no-confidence vote in his own administration's leadership of 549c.

Worse yet is his refusal to even discuss why he chooses home-schooling over the public education system. As superintendent, will he refuse to discuss other matters?

This parent is worried. ' Steven Plunk, Medford

Understand neoconservatism

To understand neoconservatism, one must study Leo Strauss, its father. A German Jew, he castigated Weimer liberalism and extolled Nazism, sans its anti-Semitism.

— Believing the only natural right of man is for the superior to rule the inferior, he envisioned totalitarianism ruled by Nietzsche's supermen and a population enslaved through morality by religious fear and by fervent nationalism fostered through endless warfare with an unconquerable enemy. The rulers were to maintain these chains through whatever deceit or horror necessary, as social order was pre-eminent ' the black boot stepping forever in the face of humanity, as Orwell put it ' the hallmark of the utopian society.

This, in a nutshell, is the philosophy embraced and being enacted in the current administration.

Your choice: You either trust in the spirit of man to learn to transcend his pettiness and fears, or desire his humanity to be crushed by the weight of an amoral elite. You either choose to evolve your spirit, or to slaughter it on the altar of the emerging social idol. ' Ryk Tompkins, Central Point

Democrats want liberation, too

With our presidential election and Iraq's election over, it's clear the Iraq debate's settled down. Americans hope and pray this year brings a reduction in violence there.

Since politics is partly about winning, it's clear the Democrats and Kerry could've done a better job of conveying their Iraq message. Regarding Bush's commitment to liberating Iraq, Democrats could've made the case that they, the party of Wilson, FDR and JFK, hold the liberation ideal high. Jimmy Carter's brilliant Camp David Accord, resulting in peace between Israel and Egypt, and Bill Clinton's successful Kosovo campaign further underscore Democratic commitment to human rights.

With Iraq's successful elections and a chance for peace as a backdrop, it's important Democrats show their commitment to Iraqi peace along with the leadership their heritage affords them.

Those who say all wars result in civilian deaths forget that a war of liberation puts heavy responsibility on liberators. Civilian deaths of at least 15,000 Iraqis could've been lower if we'd planned differently. Democrats claimed that a larger coalition of nations could've quickly stabilized Iraq.

Democrats can guide us so that if we decide to liberate a country again, America will do so in a way clear to all. ' Perry Casilio, Talent

Sims Cycle says thanks

Sims Cycle of Medford would like to thank the Medford Police Department for their professionalism and immediate response to the robbery at our store late Sunday night. Not only were the bikes recovered in record time, but the thieves were also caught.

We would also like to thank SOS Alarm for their continued service and a very special thanks to our shop staff who worked tirelessly to be up and ready for business Monday morning. Thank you all for a job well done. ' Chris and Gwen Haynes, Sims Cycle and Fitness, Medford

Imagine the horror

Recently, a beautiful 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Ruby was killed by an otter trap in the Ken Denman Wildlife Refuge. The trap was located just off a path that runs parallel to the Rogue River, between TouVelle Road and TouVelle State Park in an off-leash area.

This is a very public and heavily traveled area. Why would the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife allow placement of a trap in such an accessible location? Why wasn't the trap posted as a hazard? I am told trapping is a licensed legal activity and the trapper does not have to post the trap. Why doesn't he post the trap? He doesn't want it stolen.

After Ruby's neck was broken, her owner could not get the trap off her. The otter trap is very powerful. The rebar holding the trap had to be dug up. The rebar, chain, trap and Ruby had to be carried to the distant car. She was eventually taken to the vet. It took three adults to remove the jaws of death from Ruby.

Can you imagine the horror if that had been your pet? Or your child's hand? Do we even want river otters trapped? ' Cassandra Moore, White City