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Shame on kitten dumpers

To whoever dumped off a kitten at our house: How could you do such a cruel thing? Poor little thing is all skin and bones.

Would you like someone to do that to you? You could have at least taken it to the Humane Society or pound. We can't fathom how you can live with yourself. Would you like to be put out in the freezing cold with no food? Shame. ' Tina and Regis Carrara, Central Point

Teen Theatre appropriate

After seeing the Planned Parenthood Teen Theatre Troupe's performance at the Ashland Armory celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I understand why they were invited to give the performance. The young people on stage gave 100 percent of their effort in sending out the message of tolerance, compassion and understanding. It seemed a most appropriate and wonderful way to honor all that Dr. King stood for. They were incredible.

I have seen other performances of the Teen Troupe and I would encourage any parent to take their children, and every child to take their parents, to one of these amazing productions. What a source of energy, creativity, and bright minds these teens have to offer.

I would also like to thank Planned Parenthood for all that they do and all that they stand for: complete, correct information for today's youth. What parent would not want that for their child? Thank you to Planned Parenthood's Teen Theatre Troupe for a heartwarming job well done. ' Karen F. Schnabel, Talent

A global embarrassment

The Forest Service is supposed to protect forests for future generations. What a joke. Now we will witness old-growth trees being quickly logged from forests affected by the Biscuit fire before a court case in March could potentially put a stop to the insanity.

— Take the Babyfoot Lake area; this world-renowned primeval landscape is on the chopping block. Yet the agencies and the timber industry would have you believe that logging old growth at a financial loss from this fragile place is a good thing.

Friends counsel me to be nicer about my criticism. Well, forget it. I'm mad as hell, and that is as real as it gets!

Our big gulp, big slam, big truck American culture, driven by corporate greed and facilitated by a slumbering, selfish citizenry, has become a global embarrassment!

Republicans and corporate representatives put on nice suits and speak in a politically correct manner, presenting insane policies while taking over the country. But they get away with it because the masses don't like abortion and gay marriage.

Wake up, people, and try to keep your eye on the prize before biodiversity fades away and our planet can no longer support life at all. ' Annette Rasch, Cave Junction

Clean up rentals

White City is quickly becoming very popular for housing developers and commercial ventures. Land values have typically been lower than surrounding areas, mainly because of White City's reputation of low-cost rentals and substandard housing.

Lately, there has been a big push by local government to clean it up. In my opinion, they been doing a good job so far and I give them a lot of credit for doing so.

But, in order to make White City even more attractive, landlords need to be held accountable for the poor conditions of their properties/houses and bring them up to livable standards. Many are in such poor condition. I wonder how anyone can rent these houses out and go to sleep with a clear conscience.

My question is, what can be done to influence landlords to bring these substandard houses up to livable conditions? After all, they will only be helping themselves by increasing their land values. ' M. Fowler, White City