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FDR was no liberator

Democrats? Liberators? It just ain't so.

FDR made us a welfare state dependent on government. He didn't liberate anything. Victory was because of guts and grit and dedication of generals Eisenhower, MacArthur , Patton and the best navy anywhere. We still have fine generals and every soldier and sailor a true warrior. Be thankful for a president who also has grit and conviction and you don't have to fight this war in your back yard. ' Jim Ronda, Medford

Missing the Shenandoah

I am a friend of Larry Suther, who was pictured in the Feb. 2 story about the Shenandoah Inn restaurant closing. I like the Shenandoah and I'm going to miss it because the employees were nice and the food was very good.

The owner owns two other businesses and he's been in the valley for a long time, and I'm surprised he hasn't retired. He's a nice guy and has three nice businesses with good employees.

I'm going to miss that place ' it was a great place to hang out and talk and to get away. I hope they hire the employees back to the restaurant. ' Cheyenne Kurtz, Central Point

A debtor by definition

Edgar Hee's letter (Trust fund is a creditor, Feb. 2) stated that the Social Security Trust Fund has a surplus of &

36;1.2 trillion.

— What it really has are a bunch of IOUs from our government. So, when the trust fund needs money to pay benefits, it must go to the government and cash in the IOUs.

Since the government doesn't have any money, it borrows to meet its IOU obligations. When it borrows money, debt is created. Therefore, the Social Security Trust Fund is, by association, a debtor. ' Bill Story, Eagle Point.

Supporting Morrison

I support John Morrison absolutely and admire his courage and graciousness in the face of a low-minded smear campaign by the usual band of self-important carping power mongers.

Morrison has been and will continue to be a positive force for steering this town along a course that everyone in Ashland supports. Ashland voters would be deeply disappointed if he does not stay the course, and I am prepared to work vigorously to ensure that he stays in office. ' Paul Copeland, Ashland

Go away, dealers

This is a letter about the meth dealers, coke dealers, the drugs-of-your-choice dealers in this valley.

They are a plague that is destroying our children's' lives! They should go away! For a quick buck, they are robbing the dreams of our youth and their families. How do they sleep at night?

The DA, detectives and police ally themselves to put an end to drugs, and who is punished? The punished are the naive, the youngsters who bought into the promise of drugs, and the families who suffer in their arrest. But the drug dealer walks triumphantly away.

They are destroying property due to the toxins in their poisonous potions. They're like a swarm of locusts in this valley. They are a pollutant in our area of earth.

They should stop, and be ashamed.

What lies in their treacherous wake? Crack babies, broken homes, violence, robberies, destroyed lives, and shattered dreams.

To them I say, do something right for humanity's sake, for the people around you ' be decent! Stop selling drugs to our beautiful, hopeful, and naive children. Be the person that as a child you longed to be. ' Sharon Robinson, Rogue River