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Exactly right

Bravo. Joe Ward has it exactly right. It was the irresponsible teenager, not the police, who caused Friday's crash. In fact, had the police not pursued this lethal speeder they would have been derelict. In addition, clueless is the appropriate term for both the Ashland High principal who allowed the Kevan sentiment on the school entrance sign, and the Mail Tribune's confused, have-it-both-ways coverage of the story. ' Doug McFadgen, Medford

Typical liberal view

A typical liberal view of the fatal car crash last Friday by the MT staff. Impose the blame on the police officers, and not the kid with the lethal weapon. Ninety to 100 mph with a vehicle is more like a murderer intent to kill an innocent victim, not the police hoping to prevent an incident before it happens. The driver had a record of bad driving. Put that info first. ' Dennis H. Nelson, Medford

'Fix' just another ploy

So Bush plans to fix Social Security. My dog got fixed the same way.

The administration's privatization plan is another ploy to transfer money from the pockets of everyone else to the ever-more-privileged elite: wealthy corporations and individuals. This time it is Wall Street who will benefit, just as the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries are profiting from the changes in Medicare. Before that, the elite got the lion's share of Bush's tax cut.

The administration is again using fear-mongering, deceit and doublespeak. Don't buy it. This phony Social Security crisis is another WMD.

Here's another nice touch from The Great Divider: We won't change your benefits if you are over 55, so keep your mouths shut while we stick it to everyone else.

— Part of Bush's pitch is that the costs of providing benefits for current retirees should not be a burden to younger generations. Fair enough, but no mention of the staggering burden his biggest-ever deficit imposes on future generations. The Social Security privatization that he proposes will add another &

36;2 trillion (five times the current record deficit) to this burden. More compassionate conservatism, anyone? ' Peter DeGroot, Ashland

Change the system

George W. Bush became president in the 2000 election, even though Al Gore had a majority of the popular vote. This oddity has happened four times in our history '- 1824,1876, 1888, and 2000. It usually occurs because the winner in a state gets all of that state's electoral votes, no matter how small the majority, even one vote.

Taken to absurd lengths, candidate A would become president if he won by one vote in 11 of our most populous states (270 electoral votes). Winning almost half of the votes of those largest states, and all the votes from the other 39 states and Washington D.C. would give candidate B a losing 268 electoral votes.

Silly? Yes. But if Kerry had received 120,000 more votes in Ohio, a large state, he would be president now, even though Bush would still have about 3,000,000 more popular votes. Add to these facts, not all electors are bound by law to vote for the candidate they were chosen to vote for. This happened in 1956, 1972, 1976, 1988, and 2000 (Gore-Bush).

How many more years must pass before we change this antiquated method of electing our president? ' Gene Rushing, Medford

Support St. Jude

The Mail Tribune article about Brandon Bushnell alerted all of us to the fact that Brandon will be on his way to St. Jude Children's Hospital in March for treatment.

He needs your help. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital needs your help.

Today and Friday, KRWQ/St. Jude will have a radiothon for funding research and treatment. Brandon has lymphoblastic leukemia, and this is one form of cancer that St. Jude has had much success with. Through research, treatment and public education, doctors at St. Jude have saved young lives around the world.

Brandon lives in Grants Pass and that's very close to home for all of us. As the Epsilon Sigma Alpha Junior Circle of Life chairman for St. Jude, I urge you to open hearts today and Friday. Your pledge will make a difference.

Remember ' KRWQ ' 100.3 and 99.3 FM, today and Friday. ' Tallie Lastiwka, Medford