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Editorial misses the point

The Mail Tribune misses the point. The Applegate community existed long before the fellowship began expanding illegally and never had a chance to object to the expansion.

The Mail Tribune says the community should just accept the impacts of illegal activities because the fellowship admits wrongdoing. Is it too late to enforce the law? Should lawbreakers get to keep their illegal gains? The fellowship can't do the right thing without removing the illegal development. ' Jack Duggan, Applegate Valley

Make them attend the funeral

Ashland High School wants a memorial to the student who died after driving through Medford at 100 mph with a suspended license. Every student who supports the idea should be required to attend the funeral of the innocent driver of the other car, the victim of the thoughtless, criminal actions of the student they seek to memorialize, and be required to explain to the surviving victim why they consider it appropriate to memorialize the criminal. ' Cathy Andrews, Medford

Political genius

I must admit Karl Rove is a political genius.

The ill-conceived war in Iraq continues with unabated loss of life and materiel. Cabinet nominees with dubious records ' Rice, Gonzales and Perchick ' are confirmed or about to be. Homeland Security is a joke. The deficit spirals ever upward, unchecked. There is no accounting for the disappearance of the surplus except for tax breaks for the rich.

Speaking of accounting: Halliburton and Bremer are not held to answer for billions of dollars gone astray. Indeed, Bremer, along with Franks (he let bin Laden get away) and Tenet are awarded the Medal of Freedom for their incompetence.

— Bush is elected with no answers for the above. Where is reality? Are we talking about these things? No, we're talking about Social Security, which will not be a problem until 2042, if then. If this isn't 1984, what is? ' Maxine Scott, Ashland

The money is there

The Mail Tribune editorial of Jan. 21, Paying for police, says, correctly, I think, that the Legislature is not likely to come up with funding for state police. It ends with Take money from somewhere else? We're open for suggestions.

The alternative that few people have been talking about, probably because it would require political courage, is to have corporations pay their fair share of taxes. In 1971, corporate taxes made up 68 percent of revenue; over the years their taxes have been reduced by legislation and they now pay only about 40 percent (figure from Russell Sadler). The point is that the money is still there, but the Legislature refuses to get it. ' Ken Deveney, Ashland

Print it all

I missed the president's State of the Union address on TV. No problem, I thought, I'll catch up by reading it in the paper. I looked for the following three days and then called your newsroom to find out only excerpts of it were printed.

Regardless of party affiliation, any citizen should expect to be able to read the State of the Union address in our local paper. I think it was irresponsible of you not to print it. There are those of us who would like to have straight, unedited/selected versions of important communications, and then make up our own minds. ' Rosemary Newell, Medford