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How generous we are

Ain't we taxpayers generous! We're building a &

36;31 million hangar at the Ronald Reagan Library to house his old Air Force One Boeing 707. I guess that's better than funding No Child Left Behind, though. ' Guy Parker, Prospect

Military is among options

I cannot let Stuart O'Neill's letter (Feb 20) go unanswered. He derides the No Child Left Behind Act because it requires high schools getting federal funding to provide student contact information to military recruiters. He says students deserve unbiased counseling about the opportunities awaiting them after graduation.

How can supressing information about opportunities available in the military contitute unbiased counseling? If this is his support for the troops, we don't want it! ' John F. Howard, Medford

Understands the objection

I can understand why the caring and generous people of Douglas County object to the partially undraped statue of Hebe, cup bearer to the Greek gods.

From the sound of her name, they think she is Jewish. ' S.S. Schweitzer, Talent

Take an aspirin

To the editorial board of the Mail Tribune: Please make up your collective minds on President Bush.

— First you expressed doubts about his fiscal restraint when he provided no vetoes in his first term. Now in your Sunday editorial you say that the huge cuts in the federal budget show that President Bush will destroy education, Medicaid, the Bonneville Power Administration, Amtrak, the COPS program ,Head Start, the National Parks and more.

I believe your editorial board is in need of some serious dosages of aspirin for the seething rage and hatred you have for the president which is obviously giving you a massive migraine due to a case of emotional, disingenuous flip-flop. My suggestion would be to move on and get over the election.

Bush is not only principled in his budgetary choices but is showing character, as Republicans and Democrats finally have come to an agreement that too much pork is being taken from their districts.

As a side note, it would behoove you to dust off the Constitution, and in so doing will find no grant of authority for any of the aforementioned program cuts found so objectionable.

Thank goodness for mirrors. ' Joel Marks, Medford

Sensitive man appalled

I read Kathleen Parker's clever and cute bit Looking for a few sensitive men (Feb. 9).

Here is one sensitive man who is appalled at her cavalier approach to the killing of a fellow human being. She quotes Lt. Gen. James Mattis: Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight. You know, it's a hell of a hoot... it's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right up front with you, I like brawling.

She says she find Mattis' attitude ... neither too cold nor too hot, but just about right.

Clearly, they are both products of the growing warrior culture that some of us, especially the studiously dowdy, abhor and fear. As a former Marine, I find it shocking and offensive that a Marine general my taxes support would ' or could ' take pleasure in killing.

And I am deeply disappointed in a society that has become so inured to warlike activities that it accepts the barbarity of it. There has to be a connection to the cruelties we have seen in our military prisons. ' Gerald G. Garland, Ashland

Excess militarism

Removing Saddam Hussein and advancing an election in Iraq deserve credit. But let's be honest. To date, this job has the likeness of an expensive root canal and crown by a roughshod dentist incorrect in his diagnosis about the urgent need for such an operation. Now the region is more inflamed while the infection appears to remain.

Furthermore, as we pay the bill with a veritable blank check, we find we cannot afford much else, as the latest budget proposal reveals. Whither national health care? Goodbye, environmental protection. R.I.P., publik edjukashun.

President Eisenhower once admonished us, There is no way in which a country can satisfy the craving for absolute security , but it can bankrupt itself morally and economically in attempting to reach that illusory goal through arms alone.

We need to break our addictions to war and oil and instruct the military-petroleum complex to relax its stranglehold on the human race. On top of countless lives being destroyed, a habitable climate is now in jeopardy. ' Leif Joslyn, Talent