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Respect for Russell Sadler

To the recent writer who said Russell Sadler is not respected by his peers: I beg to differ. As a former TV reporter ' wouldn't want to call myself a journalist; I might be required to get a license ' I have the utmost respect for Russell and his decades of service to Oregonians looking for something more than the party line. Thanks, Russell, for coming out of retirement. ' Jeff Palmer, Medford

Clean air, not fluoride

Would that our state legislators had the same fervor for banning smoking in all public places as they have for our dental health. So much for that breath of fresh air. ' Val Handel, Medford

Protecting the pregnant

According to the news there was a town meeting in Ashland Feb. 17 concerning a bill that would increase penalties for crimes against pregnant women.

I find it a bit interesting that we want to punish one set of people that might harm a fetus but a (pregnant) woman can smoke, drink (alcohol), and take drugs (there have been few exceptions here) besides any other endangering activity, and there are others, and the mother cannot be held accountable.

If we are passing extra laws to protect the fetus, then I say protect the fetus, but if this is all for show, then you're wasting a lot of taxpayers' dollars. ' Gem Burke, Medford

Fond memories of Ryan

I retain fond memories of Ryan Sheaffer and his friends (Cory, Scott and Breeze) from their mid-'80s participation in the youth YMCA Sports Camp.

— Even at such a young age, Ryan's quiet leadership stood out amidst his peers, attributable both to his own aptitudes and excellent parenting. It has been a pleasure to hear news of his development as a young man.

I feel a need to comment that Ryan Sheaffer's parents have earned my admiration over the years. Despite failing to adequately entertain a certain self-centered young woman, they are successful entrepreneurs who, for many years, have provided this community with a valuable educative service, they raised a fine family, are considered good neighbors and have contributed immeasurably to the fabric of this community. Should they ever decide to throw a party for boring individuals, I would feel honored to receive an invitation. ' Randy Costello, Jacksonville

Thanks for help

I was walking my dog on Merryman and two large black dogs jumped my dog and scared me. I didn't know what to do next, when some kind lady pulled up at the curb and scared them away for me. I will be eternally grateful to her. She made sure they were gone before she left.

It is sure nice to know there are people like that in this world. I wish I had gotten her name and I hope she reads this. I was worried about the kids that walk home from school and reported it to Animal Control, but they never called back. Thanks again to the kind lady for stopping. ' Mary Carson, Medford

A slippery slope

I am absolutely against defining a murder of a pregnant woman as the murder of two people. Although at first glance this is a commendable effort, this is another slippery-slope tactic to give a fetus full human status. This is another thinly veiled attempt to chip away at abortion and contraceptive rights.

Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned. The strategy is to subjugate it to other established laws, eventually making it null and void.

Full human status, with full human rights, will eventually override the rights of women to have complete control over their reproductive futures. No woman, no matter what religion, is free or equal when the government, rather than herself, is in charge of her body.

Women, wake up and start paying attention to the multitude of laws being passed to negate your voice. This is yet another shortsighted law that does more harm than good in the long run. ' Suzanne Mathis McQueen, Ashland