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Proud of our soldiers

I am proud of what our solders are doing overseas. I pray daily for the Iraqi people, that through all this they will find freedom and peace. I love my country, and believe that what we are doing is right. I am proud that we have a strong and courageous president, and I am thankful daily that he is here to lead the good fight. I mourn for all who have lost loved ones, and I am forever in debt to them for their sacrifice. For all those involved in this conflict, in every level of service, may God bless you and bring you home safe. I know I speak for many when I say we are a grateful nation. ' J. John, Eagle Point

No time to give up

This letter is for G. Putnam, of Medford, who wrote a letter titled Numb, defeated, and tired. She has every right to feel that way, as does anyone with a grasp on the national situation. However, this is no time for a swan song.

In writing a letter to this paper myself, I heard from a group called . This is a political clearinghouse for progressive (read well-read and thinking) voters to channel their efforts. I have signed petitions to Kulongoski about the school funding issue, the Lottery Commission about where their profits are going, the Social Security debacle and the attempt of a Texas utility to buy out Bonneville.

In each case, I also sent these letters to all my representatives and senators. There is also the option to write your own letter, which I have taken advantage of each time. If sheer numbers can work for the fundamentalist right, it can work for people like you and me. There is also a place to bring up your own notions of what needs to be addressed, and they are hungry for input.

The time to be defeated is over. ' Kim Cower, Talent

Disregarding the Constitution

Would you stand back and allow a bill to be passed that violates six amendments and takes away our fundamental rights to such things as due process? Sadly the Bush administration has already implemented a bill like this: the Patriot Act. Though it was pushed through Congress in 2002, two of the 10 titles that make up the Patriot Act are going to be renewed in December 2005. Congress will then decide if Titles II and III will be deleted from the Patriot Act.

— But the act as a whole is permanent. This bill, which allows for the disregard of the Constitution and the rights of the American people, will be made into something unchangeable.

Bush could fancy himself as a founding father of a country that allows for legal secret searches with no warrant or probable cause and the jailing of noncitizens on mere suspicion. Please help your fellow citizens in taking back our Bill of Rights and our country's dignity and voice your distaste for this bill.

If the Patriot Act becomes as permanent as this administration would like it to be, what will the future hold but further violation of our rights? ' Marjorie Gosling, Ashland