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Letters to the editor

Privatization means debt

Privatization would make massive cuts in Social Security benefits for future retirees in order to pay for private accounts. Privatization means trillions of dollars of new national debt.

The Republican plan would turn a guaranteed benefit into a guaranteed gamble. The stock market is risky and can't be predicted ' that could mean millions of people won't have the money they need when they need it.

We don't need to destroy Social Security in order to fix it. With reasonable adjustments, Social Security can provide economic security to our children and grandchildren. ' Susan Tilley, Rogue River

Thanks to volunteer

I would like to thank Dr. Darren B. Ravassipour, Medford orthodontist, for traveling to the White City Boys & Girls Club on Feb. 23.

His volunteered time, knowledge and samples given to the children is sincerely appreciated. He did not hesitate to freely give his time and teach the children good oral hygiene habits. Thank you. ' Griselda Lopez, White City

Fluoride is toxic

The present water fluoridation issue makes me think of DDT and saccharin. The pesticide DDT and the sugar substitute saccharin were once marketed as safe consumer products. Then it was discovered that they were actually extremely toxic and banned.

— Another example is the present-day controversy over Cox-2 inhibitor drugs such as Vioxx. One day the same will be determined about fluoride and we will look back upon this time and wonder how the public could be so gullible. Fluoride is toxic, period. It does not belong in our water supply and topical treatment to teeth should be minimal.

More research needs to be done, more alternative information needs to be made public and consumers need to do a better job of educating themselves instead of believing the so-called experts. More emphasis should be given to healthy diets and hygiene to prevent tooth decay, not medication of public drinking water.

Finally, what about the exorbitant cost to add fluoride? I can think of so many other uses for that money. I hope the bottled water companies are prepared because I, for one, will not be using our public water for drinking, cooking or brushing teeth should fluoridation be approved. ' J. Ellicott, Jacksonville

We have Ashland

I just can't imagine the mental anguish the citizens of Ashland must be going through with regard to downtown traffic. I do, however, have a simple solution for the problem.

Since Briscoe and Lincoln grade schools have evolved to extinction in the Ashland niche, we could do the following: Bulldoze the two schools and create parking lots with shuttle service to downtown. Each parking lot would have a Starbucks or other coffee service so the tourists won't be bored while waiting for the shuttle.

I have lived in this valley since 1947, and for a long time I thought we lacked a lot of things California has , but now I know how wrong I was. California has Disneyland; we have Ashland. ' Mike Parsons, Medford

Bush has got to go

The Republicans chanted Social Security has got to go outside Rick Santorum's Social Security town hall meeting in Philadelphia on Feb. 23. If George Bush has his way, Social Security will be gone. George Bush has got to go.

This man who comes from the most powerful family on earth has no idea what a Social Security check means to the average American. Put the Social Security decisions into the hands of the people, not the Washington politicians who are guaranteed retirement income from taxpayer dollars. ' Esther E. Freeman, Jacksonville