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Letters to the editor

Inaccurate information

Some inaccurate information regarding proposed legislation dealing with the murder of pregnant women has been provided to various statewide media sources including the Mail Tribune.

The Senate Republican Caucus has proposed Senate Bill 440, which makes it an additional crime to assault or murder a pregnant woman and in the process also take the life of her unborn child. I cannot say it any more clearly than it has been said already. Roe vs. Wade is a U.S. Supreme Court decision that Oregon statute cannot alter. In fact, SB 440 specifically exempts abortion. This new law is intended to protect pregnant women and the unborn against criminal assault.

California has such a law and it was used in the recent prosecution of Scott Peterson in the murders of Laci and Connor Peterson. Oregon women and their unborn children deserve the same protection.

The Senate Republican plan takes into account that when a pregnant woman is murdered, two lives are taken and two crimes are committed. Both lives are precious and justice demands both these crimes be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ' Sen. Doug Whitsett, Senate District 28, Salem

It's about being responsible

The Social Security program represents Americans working together to provide for the common welfare.

The size of the investment group and the purpose of long-term growth is good for America, for Americans, in the way that our citizen soldiers have been. Social Security grows in importance as our senior citizen population grows, represents both parents considering their children's future, in that they can help in any care they need, and represents children's continuous commitment to parents. Through payroll deductions, Social Security is about being responsible. ' Bob Canape, Ashland

Thanks for the meal

Prior to Valentines Day a small paragraph appeared in the Mail Tribune indicating that Hometown Buffet offered free dinners to every couple that had been married for 50 years or more. My wife and I attended and were surprised at the number of couples there in a line that seemed to never cease. The dinner was great as usual.

We would like to offer our thanks to those who offered this free meal. We have not seen anything from the Tribune or TV and radio.

We have lived here in Medford since the spring of l948 and I can tell you, this is the first such offering that included the entire area, other than meals for the needy at Christmas, etc. So thank you, Hometown Buffet. ' Bob and Aline Sutton, Medford

Only moral blindness

Only moral blindness could lead recent writers to compare Israel's multi-racial democracy to apartheid South Africa. In Israel, — million Arabs enjoy all rights, privileges and protections of full Israeli citizenship.

As for the West Bank and Gaza, Israel's presence results from its successful repulsion of Arab aggression in 1967. The Israeli army of occupation is similar to the victors of World War II in Germany and Japan, whose task it was to demilitarize the conquered state, allow its citizens to rebuild their economies and live in peace with their neighbors. When accomplished, the armies of occupation are expected to withdraw.

Unlike the Germans and Japanese, who accepted the consequences of defeat and went on to become major players in the world economy, the Arabs refuse to demilitarize and, in fact, continue to launch attacks at every opportunity. Thus, a state of war still exists, making it impossible for the Israelis to withdraw. This doesn't fit the definition of apartheid because Israeli soldiers will withdraw when the war is over.

The shame is that while — million Arabs live as full citizens of Israel, not one Jew will be allowed to even reside in the new Palestinian state. ' Eliza Kauder, Ashland