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Letters to the editor

Mall walker says thanks

I want to express my appreciation to the management of the Rogue Valley Mall for making it available to early morning walkers. They provide a safe, well-lighted, environmentally comfortable facility to people who enjoy early morning walking. ' Chuck Gates, Medford

Stock walleyes, not trout

For years and years now the Fish and Wildlife Commission has done nothing but have hearing after hearing on the chub problem at Diamond Lake.

Instead of poisoning the lake with the hope of killing off the chubs and trout, why not try one more experiment and have a walleye derby on the Columbia River around Biggs Junction?

The walleye is a predatory fish that feeds on small insects and fish. The walleye is a fighter to the end. But the best part is when you sink your teeth into the excellent taste ' a mixture of halibut and codfish. Catch and eat one walleye and goodbye trout.

If you can put 5,000 to 10,000 of all sizes into Diamond Lake, within five years the chubs would need to be stocked, not killed.

I would guarantee that in five years the people who fish Diamond Lake would be mostly walleye fishermen who would be demanding the Fish and Wildlife Commission stock more walleye along with trout 12 inches or longer to help keep the chubs in control. Who knows, they may need to stock chubs in years to come.

— Just a few words from a longtime fisherman who loves to fish and eat walleyes. ' Michael Szpak, Shady Cove

Abolish Measure 11

Measure 11 sentencing has been the law for many years now, and it amazes me that the voters and tax-paying citizens of our communities have done almost nothing to abolish it. Even worse, that some would begin to consider that it is in fact a good law.

Wake up, people! You're throwing away young men who are first-time screw-ups into prisons for up to nine years, and completely denying them any chance of reforming.

Being in prison, I can tell you this law does absolutely nothing positive, and its outcome is undeniably negative in every case! No early releases for good behavior? Are you kidding me? When did incentive to be good become a bad thing?

Does this law make sense to anyone? For the people who believe Measure 11 is a good law, I'd like to see how they discipline their own children. Really, we'd find a whole new breed of criminals.

Please, I'm asking that common sense and reason take hold of the populace, and that you not look the other way or be apathetic, but do whatever it takes to put an end to this ridiculous law. ' David Price, Rogue River, incarcerated at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution, Pendleton

Proud of our veterans

This is regarding Veteran's World War II service honored on page 2A of the Feb. 24 Mail Tribune. I believe Robert Plain should at least have the respect for the other five veterans who also received medals on March 17.

Joe Vidmar was only one veteran who received the Bronze Star. Joe's was 59 years ago. The other recipient was 60 years ago and a medic on the front lines who also received the Bronze Star, Norman McKeehan of Central Point, formerly of Klamath Falls.

It would have been proper for Robert Plain to have conferred with Marty Kimmel at the VA office to include all names of recipients. Those attending the ceremonies felt like their relatives and friends should have also been recognized. We are proud of each of them. ' J. Gold, Central Point

Support our troops

True facts:

An Army private receives &

36;1,384.50 monthly (&

36;46.50 a day) for getting shot at by insurgents (plus combat pay ' from Army Web site).

Soldiers complaining to Rumsfeld about lacking equipment were told, As you know, you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want. Is pre-emptive war one you have to fight? How long will U.S. troops scavenge for makeshift armor?

Bush opposes payment of &

36;1 billion (Iraqi) to the 17 American POWs who were tortured during the Gulf War. Their attorney states they simply want the judgment in their favor upheld to affirm their suffering. It isn't just about money; it's about recognition of sacrifice to their country. (Iraqi assets of &

36;1.7 billion were frozen in 1990. Bush formally seized those assets after this invasion of Iraq.)

Recent news ' U.S. Army announced approval of &

36;9.4 million in bonus payments to KBR Inc. (Halliburton subsidiary). This generous bonus (your tax dollars) is in addition to &

36;1 billion paid the company for work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wonderful to see the yellow-ribbon magnets on cars, but how much is our government really doing to support our young people in combat? ' Larry Gourley, Korean War combat veteran