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Sure looks that way

It seems nearly half of all politicians in the Senate love to blab about their alleged respect for human life. For some odd reason, their concept of human life extends only to fetuses and millionaires.

Where are the newspapers when such hypocrisy is so blatantly displayed by our so-called leaders, month after month, year after year? Could it be that they fear these politicians and are afraid of criticizing them? Sure looks that way. ' James P. Snyder, Central Point

PBS has value

I disagree with George Will's recent anti-PBS column. PBS is the only channel that my family regularly watches.

I have two children (ages 9 and 5), and there isn't any appropriate television viewing on regular network stations. (Even when there might be a program that is OK, like the Olympic coverage for example, the commercials often are inappropriate for a family audience).

Will states that cable television has plenty of options for 'seriousness' and 'culture.' That may be true, but not for those of us who opt to spend our small discretionary funds on things like piano lessons rather than television.

For my family, PBS is the only viable programming available that continues to offer quality, family-friendly offerings. Each Sunday night we all watch Nature together. During the week my children watch an occasional show after school like George Shrinks, Reading Rainbow or Cyberchase. I don't have to worry about what images my children are going to see in the commercials when they watch PBS.

— Granted, we are not a typical American family in that we view a grand total of about 2-5 hours of television a week. However, those few hours are well spent if PBS is the station of choice. ' Kim Lockett, Ashland

Hold them accountable

Why is it that anyone not a right-wing conservative is tarred and feathered by the press whenever there is the slightest discrepancy in their campaign promises from later performance? But Bush can champion law and order, veterans, education, etc., and when his budget shortchanges all those programs, no mention appears in any medium. Maybe this is another case of tell the truth about Bush and you are obviously against the troops in Iraq?

By the way, I am against the Iraq invasion and will remain so until someone can explain how Iraq in 2003 is or was different from Poland in 1939. But, as a retired U.S. Army Reserve officer who was detested during Vietnam, I do respect and wish the best for our troops.

Let's start holding conservative feet to the fire as we currently do with liberals and centrists. That is what is best for America. ' Paul Negro, Ashland

Thanks to Medford council

I was at the Medford City Council meeting Thursday and was impressed with the respectful manner with which the council listened to the residents of the Crest Imperial mobile park, who are being evicted by Pacific Retirement Services. They then voted proactively to encourage Pacific Retirement Services to meet with the residents for a fair mediation.

It is reassuring to know that people really can be heard by our city's leaders when facing devastating blows to their families and homes. We all know the law in this case, but there are times when we must at least try to do more, and better, than just the law.

If you, too, support a fairer outcome ' not different, just fairer, then show your support to these families. Thanks again, council! ' Andrea Miranda, Medford