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Letters to the editor

Since You Asked grows up

Congratulations Mail Tribune, finally, a straightforward answer to a Since You Asked question without the cutesy attempt at humor (usually a failure in my opinion), which probably often makes the questioner feel like an idiot for having asked.

I refer to Wednesday's issue on the Todd Surgeon situation. I found it a knowledgeable, informative answer. I hope this isn't a fluke but a sign of growing maturity in the column. ' J.D. Waite, Medford

Let's be safe, not sorry

Alert! HB 2025 vote this week! Please, urge your state representative to vote no, to protect our safe drinking water from mass medication of uncontrolled dosage without FDA study.

Water fluoridation uses toxic fertilizer byproducts contaminated with lead and arsenic. There is no safe level of either. By selling the public on municipal water fluoridation, industry avoids the expense of hazardous waste disposal. Fluoride's dental effect is topical ' why force ingestion? Let's be safe, not sorry. ' Gaylene Hurley, Medford

'Relentless' is not balanced

The film Relentless is being shown at various locations this week, March 13-18. Described in a press release as balanced and objective, it is anything but.

Completely one-sided, it consistently praises the Israelis and vilifies the Palestinians. The sad truth is that both peoples want to live in peace, but actions by their leaders have long prevented it.

— Yes, present films with strong viewpoints, but please do not misrepresent them as balanced and objective. ' Mary Ann Jones, Ashland

Beyond human reasoning

Your editorial March 8 was absolutely hilarious.

Let's see, we conservatives won the presidency, added seats in both houses of Congress, even won the governorship in the state of Washington (yes, I'm aware you liberals are trying to steal it from us, but it won't work), and we overwhelmingly won the one-man one-woman marriage amendments in every state that it was voted on including our state of Oregon, so now you liberals are giving us conservatives advice on how to win elections by agreeing with you liberals on social issues? And you're using Bob Packwood as your source of validation?

My goodness!! Your editorial is so overwhelmingly beyond human reasoning, it's absolutely hilarious. ' J. Mueller, Medford

Drop meat for a day

March 20, the first day of spring, is also the day for the annual observance of the Great American Meatout.

Ninety percent of children consume amounts of fat above the recommended level; 25 percent of children ages 5 to 10 have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other early warning signs for heart disease.

A meat-based diet requires 10-20 times as much land as a plant-based diet. Nearly half of the world's grains and soybeans are fed to animals, resulting in a huge waste of food calories. The extent of waste is such that even a 10 percent drop in U.S. meat consumption would make sufficient food available to feed the world's starving millions.

Animals raised for food in the United States produce 130 times the amount of waste that people do. This waste, containing pathogens and hormones, eventually winds up in the nearest waterway, killing aquatic organisms and poisoning vital groundwater supplies.

Each year, 10 billion cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys are caged, crowded, drugged, mutilated and manhandled in U.S. factory farms. They are then hauled to the slaughterhouse and slaughtered under atrocious conditions. Ten percent never make it to the slaughterhouse, dying from stress-induced diseases or injuries. ' Ron Elterman, Ashland

Logging won't change it

I don't know where Boise Cascade is getting the old growth; I know it's not off Boise land. They used up their old-growth resources a long time ago with no thought of the future.

So that means it's coming off public lands, yours and mine. Shame on you, Forest Service and BLM, talking responsibility but playing the same old game. Forest health, forest fires are just an excuse to log the forest.

Overlogging created the problem and logging is not going to change it. ' Donald Velasquez, Rogue River