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Since You Asked is charming

Dear Since You Asked people: Please don't let one negative comment make you change the way you write your column! There are a lot of us out here who find your cutesy humor charming and personable.

Life is depressing enough. We all need a little comic relief now and then. The writer of Since You Asked grows up needs to lighten up. ' M. Gerard, Grants Pass

We can work together

Logging the Biscuit must stop immediately. The public has been misled into thinking that the area became a wasteland since the fire and that logging prevents fires, but life is still abundant and fire is a natural process.

I have been to areas after they have been logged and I've seen a total disregard for the land. Roads are made right through creeks and slash is left everywhere, creating a bigger fire threat.

Liquidation of forest resources for immediate profit is an appalling practice and does not benefit the public. People come from all around the world to experience the beauty of the Oregon wilderness and see animals in their natural habitat, so why are we letting them destroy it?

I am not anti-logger; I would like to see people employed by sustainable means. It is possible to ethically harvest timber. We can keep people employed and stop deforestation without cutting old growth or building roads in wilderness areas.

— This isn't a battle between us and them. We can work together. Protecting communities from fire, planting trees and restoring our forests is of benefit to everyone. ' Dana Rose, Rogue River

Whaddaya know?

Whaddaya know! They want Paul Wolfowitz to be the next World Bank president. Criminy! He ain't even quite done stabilizing the Middle East. But there's no better guy for your dirty work. He may turn down the job, though; I hear if he had his druthers, he'd be over there in uniform, delivering peace and freedom, risking life and limb for us, unmindful of personal sacrifice. We all know that, right? ' Harold Barrett, Medford

Responses in a nutshell

Things I've wanted to respond to in the letters column in a nutshell:

Not all kids are meant to go to college; more trade schools, better teachers, more pay than politicians.

There should not be any remedial courses or 101s in colleges.

The election is done, get over it.

Stop the electoral college and start physical education again; too many fat kids.

Parents that use drugs create generations of poverty and drugs.

There should be a two-year wait to get married and a 10-year wait to get divorced, depending on how many kids there are.

Oregonians whine more than Napa Valleyans do, especially about taxes, and they are not as much taxed.

Sportswriters: On Bonds, your ego just ran out of the front door, ahead of our cat!

Politicians should make minimum wage and have an HMO.

AfghanIraq was going to happen eventually. Medford CATS is a sensible, wonderful place. The Bush SSI plan will demand that kids have enough education to invest wisely: a class in the sixth grade, SSI 101. Without wood there ain't no newspaper. To many trucks downtown for bulbouts ' dumb! A supermarket that bags your groceries and provides clean cart handles. Wow. ' Mike Hinkes, Medford

The purpose of government

State Sen. Roger Beyer, R-Molalla, opposes a bill to ban smoking in Oregon bars because it could cause a decrease in both state taxes from cigarette sales and a decrease in lottery revenue.

The senator forgets that the purpose of sin taxes is to discourage people from partaking in self-destructive, socially expensive behavior. The senator also forgets that the purpose of government is to benefit the people who support it ' not to perpetuate its existence to their detriment. ' Dan Fellman, Ashland