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Meteors do come from Mars

In her letter published March 22, Holly Snyder ridicules a statement about meteors attributed to Melinda Hutson. Although the phrases every once in a while and breaks off are false and misleading, Hutson is correct in stating that some meteors and meteorites come from the Moon and Mars.

To learn more about meteors and meteorites, the SOU library has the book Solar System Evolution by Stuart Ross Taylor. On the Internet: zebu.uoregon.edu/~soper/Asteroids/astermeteoroids.html. ' Eugene Thomas, Medford

Diagnosis by videotape

For lo these many years the doctor I believed in duped me.

No more tests! I will have my neighbor videotape me lying down, send it to the doctor and, after viewing, he will send me a report of any health irregularities and the cures.

If one can't believe the way Dr. Frist, senator in the Bush administration, practiced, then who can one believe? Using videotape makes sense to me, what a time-saver. ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

Thanks for photo

I want to say thank you to Jim Craven for the photo of Kylie Cota that was in the March 12 paper. It's not often that we are able to see such an expression of the joy in just being alive shining out of someone; thank God for our children. ' Cheryl Stout, White City

Credit where it's due

What the heck is with you people? The Motorcycle Riders Association put on that cleanup involving the burned-out car (MT, March 13). Are you afraid to give credit where credit is due? ' G. Flanagan, Medford

Also wrong on two counts

The recent rash of letters justifying Palestinian terrorist actions against Israel are wrong on two counts.

First, it's immoral to strap explosives to your body, say goodbye to your wife and children and flag down the first bus with a six-pointed star on it. Do we think that murdering innocent civilians just because they have become the target of fanatic terrorist groups is the right thing to do?

Second, tracts of land conquered in a war aren't required to be returned, unless you are Israel, which seems to be held to a double standard in the eyes of — billion Muslims worldwide.

Therefore, for both moral and historical reasons, people like me, who really are pro-Israel, should insist that Israel not back down from Arab aggression, not return to any pre-1967 borders and not show any ill effects from senseless suicide bombing that has become routine to millions of Israelis.

Once Israel changes its policies to please the Arabs, the Arabs will have won, and another free, democratic nation will be consumed in a sea of anti-West sentiment. ' Brendan Good, Talent

Distorted information

The Bush administration has buried the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge bill in the current budget bill. Many are not aware of the environmental impact this will have because of the distorted information used as justification.

ANWR is home to a diverse number of species including grizzly bear, dall sheep, migratory birds, polar bear, musk oxen, wolves, caribou and many others. There are only two major animal migrations in the world: wildebeests in Africa and caribou in Alaska.

The Republicans point out it's only 2,000 acres of drilling area. What they don't say is that it is not one parcel but hundreds, polka-dotting the refuge. This would require hundreds of miles of connecting roads and pipelines, a major disruption for many species in their migration patterns for food and birthing grounds. The potential for an oil spill disaster is high.

It will take an estimated 10 years to deliver oil from this proposal which, at best, will provide only 3-6 percent of our needs for a short term. We still will be dependent on foreign oil. Shouldn't we be focusing on alternate energy sources instead? Increasing fuel economy by one mile per gallon would save a half-million barrels per day! ' Susan Schroeder, Medford

You wanted him

I love all the letters the Mail Tribune publishes from Bush supporters lambasting the so-called amongst us as Bush bashers.

I believe as Thomas Jefferson once stated: Political dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I have that on a bumper sticker on my truck. Along with one that has nearly gotten me run off the road more than once that says, Bush is an idiot and you know it. Today I'll add another that I made myself that says, W, you wanted him; you got him.

In less than three months into his new term Bush has made a desperate grab to steal Social Security for the sole benefit of his base and giggled whilst Republicans in Congress passed a bankruptcy bill that makes it almost impossible for working folk to seek relief from creditors and actually makes it easier for the rich to protect their wealth in bankruptcy court. So I repeat: you wanted him ' good luck trying to live with it. ' Robert Key, Applegate