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Letters to the editor

Reform Social Security

Reform Social Security now. This is not the time for the wait until after I die crowd to rule the issue.

President Bush has a plan to reform the system, preserving benefits for those at or near retirement and allowing those of us who believe we have reasonable intelligence to choose to invest a portion of our contribution at a better interest rate than the — or 2 percent Social Security money earns.

If you believe, as many in Congress apparently do, that you are too stupid to be trusted with private accounts, at least let those of us who would choose private accounts have our way. This may be the only chance those of us under 30 have of getting something out of Social Security. ' Franklin Lee, Medford

Appreciates Paul Fattig

It has been my pleasure to be a 40-year-plus subscriber to the Mail Tribune. Back then it was a small-town, local newspaper ' filled almost exclusively with local news.

One could look forward to reading about engagements, weddings, school activities, club and organizational activities, everything! Olive Starcher was the society editor during some of these early years and she carried out her duties in an outstanding manner.

In those early years we always looked forward to receiving the (afternoon) paper (except Saturday) and took great delight in reading about what was happening in our little valley.

— I just want to let you know how very much I appreciated the news article about my son which appeared Sunday, March 6. Paul Fattig is to be commended for this excellent article. He took the time to pursue even the smallest detail, all resulting in a most outstanding article about a local boy making good.

I have received many favorable comments from friends and acquaintances, all attesting to Mr. Fattig's excellent skills and talent as a journalist. He is also a kind, thoughtful, caring man.

I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to him, and to you. Many, many thanks from a proud mother. ' Wanda D. Hanson, Medford

Bolton choice inexcusable

It is inexcusable that the Bush administration would nominate John Bolton, a Jesse Helms disciple and a staunch disbeliever in the United Nations, to be America's best choice to represent us before the U.N. and the world.

He is the one who said, I would redo the Security Council with only one permanent member ' the United States. He proposed that the U.S. throw China out of the U.N. and replace it with Taiwan.

He wrote in the Los Angeles Times, We are indifferent to whether we ever have diplomatic relations with North Korea. He advocated in the Wall Street Journal that the United States wasn't legally bound to pay U.N. dues.

He testified before the House International Relations Committee that the U.N. International Criminal Court had no foundation in law. Thus he believes that war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against the peace should never be legally prosecuted.

In a 1994 World Federalist Association panel he asserted that If the U.N. Secretariat building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference. If confirmed, he would represent a slap in the face to the world community and would demean the reputation of America. ' Donald A. Wells, Medford

The best democracy

There is a lot of discussion going on about fluoridating water. So here is my 2 cents' worth.

Since fluoride is a very reactive substance, in both senses of the word, it would be good to know at what level it is toxic and at what level it is good for you. What better place to put this information, then, but on the side of bottled fluoridated water ' city water with fluoride added. Then if you choose to fluoridate, you can not only buy it, but also control the dosage.

If we are truly proactive, then our fluoride money can go into a temporary government assistance program to start a bottling process staffed by the now unemployed and welfare recipients. The goal would be a functioning business that not only makes a profit but also carries a social obligation to provide a stock of X amount of bottled fluoridated water to social services and local food banks.

This would be the best democracy, a partnership of the freedom to choose and the creation of a local business. ' Lynne Likens, Talent