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Letters to the editor

What happened to GOP?

As I read about the Bush administration's current proposed budget, I find myself wondering whatever happened to those fiscally responsible, fiscally conservative Republicans. The current disregard for budgetary constraint shown by the running of alarmingly greater deficits from Republican presidents year after year, George W. Bush in particular, leads me to wonder if fiscal responsibility is a thing of the past for Republicans.

They may call Democrats tax and spend Democrats, but I'd say slash taxes and spend is a much greater recipe for disaster. ' Maura Murphy, Ashland

Grass-roots diligence

In response to the Mail Tribune article March 18 titled Greenway blackberry removal sticky issue, I was so glad to read how our local governments are working hard to hinder progress; thank heavens I don't live on a creek! Good luck to you, Joy, and thank you for all of your grass-roots diligence. 'Kathryn Gordon, Medford

Cap increases yearly

I do wish people would check their facts before they write to the editor. Jeff Cheek (letters, March 18) says the Social Security Wage cap has not been increased in decades. Actually, the cap has been increased every year since 1971, when the wage cap was &

36;7,800. ' Neal Smith, Jacksonville

Whose immorality?

Gene Robbins refers to the immorality of stealing one's neighbor's land. Did he have in mind Jordan's acquisition of the West Bank as a prize of the 1948 Mideast war?

Has he forgotten that the 1947 U.N. partition plan to establish Arab and Jewish areas of control never anticipated Jews not being allowed to reside in the Arab state? After all, Arabs had the right to remain in Israel if they chose and, indeed, — million Arabs (20 percent of the population) live in Israel today.

— Has he forgotten Israel only occupied this territory as a result of Jordan's attack against Jerusalem in support of Nasser's resumption of war against Israel in 1967? Until this time there was no idea of an independent Palestine '- Jordan would have no part of it. So until 1967, it was never Palestinian land to steal.

The difficulties experienced by the Palestinian Arabs stem from their inability to rein in terrorists who want to destroy Israel. When peace is established, there'll be an Arab Palestinian state, but it'll be democratic, demilitarized and certainly not judenrein (cleansed of Jews). What's immoral is to proclaim any area on this earth a haven for anyone but Jews. ' Ellee Celler, Jacksonville

Decide for yourself

We just finished watching The Passion on video (third time).

It is unconscionable that this powerful and true movie was ignored by the so-called Hollywood experts. Wonder why? In our opinion this is the movie of the century.

Jim Caviezel's portrayal of Christ was real beyond description, and he should have received the Oscar for best actor.

We urge anyone who hasn't seen The Passion to see it ' there is a message for everyone ' Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims ' a message of love, truth, forgiveness and hope. A message for the whole human race.

Instead, Hollywood chose Million Dollar Baby, which is a pro-death movie pushing for euthanasia.

Decide for yourself ' see The Passion, especially during this most holy season of Easter. ' Jim and Camille Pagnini, Jacksonville

Not a profitable investment

Bush's budget is writing checks to our destruction as citizens of these states.

He shows money going to education, but that money is less then it got last year after his devastating cuts. He shows money to Medicaid under the same circumstances, etc.

We won't make it to Mars with the NASA budget. And the babies that I see today won't make it to college with the debts they will inherit from the tax cuts to the rich, from the military spending that will ensure a fearful undertone to their lives and troubled sickness with scarcely available health care.

This is our country ' a democracy. It's time to remember that and do our job as citizens. It's time to refresh the system by resetting the rules back to the Constitution. And invest our money intelligently with compassion.

Whether or not you want to have compassion, everyone wants to make profitable investments and Bush is not. ' Shaina Okalani, Talent

Time to count votes

It must be time to count votes again.

Gordon Smith, that heroic savior of Social Security and Medicare, has opposed his president on a Medicaid bill. All this BS got George elected, but the people still hate him, so we might as well oppose him and gain a few votes.

And just in time, a drought has hit the basin, so Greg Walden can run on the water issue again. No need to kill the fish in the Klamath River this year.

Do you think they will ever catch on? ' Ed Scanlin, Medford