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Continue covering Rove

Please continue covering the situation with Karl Rove. I have been deeply concerned about the actions of certain White House insiders. Over time I have felt disappointed by what seem to be blatant lies coming from the very people we have elected (or have been appointed by those we've elected) regarding national security in particular.

Our president strongly stated he'd fire anyone in the White House who was responsible for the leak regarding Valerie Plame; now he is waffling even though there is much evidence that Karl Rove was involved.

I know I'm not alone in wanting the press to not give in to well-timed distractions such as naming a candidate for the Supreme Court. Please give the mass of us who crave honesty from our leaders the respect of following through with as much appropriate coverage as possible. ' Shirley Bell, Ashland

System is eroding

Our system of checks and balances is eroding quickly. W and co-president Rove continue to undermine the very foundations of our country.

Some call for W's impeachment ' not gonna happen! With a Republican majority in the House and Senate, W operates with impunity. We far-left thinking liberals must fight for a Supreme Court nominee who will bring protection to the working class and poor of this country.

In 2006, we need to tell W no more. Better he become a lame duck than we continue to be sitting ducks because of his policies.

— The toilet-bowl mentality of cash to Iraq must stop. Money must be sent to the states for terror control. W appears to act first and think second, if at all. He personifies leadership at its worst.

Had W been caught in bed with Halle Berry instead of Halliburton, his presidency and his life would be under continuous inspection. It is a blind eye that does not see. We cannot wait for the history books to sort this mess out! ' Wayne R. Martin, Medford

Stop being loyal

What will it take for the last of us to lose faith in this administration?

Now they have committed treason, and they still have the support of some. A felony is being swept under the propaganda rug, hurting our national security, costing us billions of dollars and, more importantly, human lives.

Whether or not Joseph Wilson lied is irrelevant. The fact remains that our White House outed an undercover CIA agent. If Wilson lied, he should be charged with a separate crime.

However, this does not excuse the actions of our corrupt White House. That is analogous to saying a witnessed bank robber should be set free because one of the bank tellers lied about their age on the police report.

This administration has admitted they can't find WMDs in Iraq or the intelligence supporting the claim. They have admitted to going to war for personal vendetta and to steal our money and give it to Halliburton. They now admit sending our ill-equipped soldiers to war and feeding them rotten food so subsidiaries of Halliburton can throw catered parties three times a week.

We need to stop being loyal to the bank robber. ' J. Paqu?, Medford

Study it first

I had to laugh at the writer who wrote All or nothing. He wrote, quit selectively dragging out Old Testament rubbish where it supports your insecurities. This statement following two quotes from the Bible he gave to support his points of view?

He wrote, If you're a biblical literalist, that means you wish to implement the whole thing not just the parts you agree with.

If he really wants to have a discussion with someone who thinks of the Bible as more than parables (again his words) I suggest he study the Bible, back up his hypothesis, so he can truly believe his convictions. I challenge him to come up with more than a couple of Scriptures to convince me the Bible is not the book of life. ' W. Schamanek, Central Point

A nice surprise.

Hats off to Sarah Lemon! Her story on Capt. Joe Puckett's behavior on the night of Thatcher-Stevens crash was a nice surprise. As a longtime resident I'm not used to people actually speaking the truth about our local police force.

It's about time that our sheriff's department be openly held accountable for their shady behavior. Not only did Puckett leave the scene of the crash, he also had an unauthorized passenger, and then we paid him &

36;28,000 to kick back and wait for the sheriff's department to do nothing.

It's a shame that Sheriff Mike Winters refuses to discuss his department's internal investigation on the captain's actions that evening, (which is police code for we're going to sweep this under the rug and do absolutely nothing to the officer, because we know if we wait long enough the public will forget about it). Maybe if he discussed his officers' behavior they would be held accountable for their actions. ' Yvonne Kelsey, Medford