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Lack of cooperation

I was appalled to read of the lack of cooperation in the investigation of the tragic auto crash on Feb. 11. It seems that there are those in a position of power who have been successful in convincing anyone with information to remain quiet. Kevan Thatcher-Stephens was able to obtain and consume alcohol, and managed to get access to a vehicle which became a lethal weapon that took not only his life, but the life of an innocent motorist.

The crash left innocent children without a father. It's rather odd that a jurist who is supposed to arrive at decisions to protect children appears to be going to great lengths to protect any person(s) that should be held accountable for contributing to this tragedy. ' Dee Raisola, Ashland

Keep Rove alive

Karl Rove has come under fire for his possible role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. However, the news cycle was deflected due to President Bush's announcement of his Supreme Court nominee. The American press must not let this happen; the circumstances surrounding the Plame investigation are too serious.

After reporters revealed Valerie Plame's identity the CIA requested a federal grand jury investigation, because the identities of covert operatives working on behalf of the national security of this country are sacred and should be protected at all costs. Rove understood this, but he also understood that the American people had to believe Iraq had WMDs, and that no single WMD strikes more fear into the heartland of America than does a nuclear weapon.

President Bush has pledged to fire anyone who helped reveal Plame's identity. Even if Rove didn't break the law, it is clear that he was willing to endanger the security of the American people for political purposes. The American people and the American press must keep Rove alive, and continue to ask the difficult questions until the truth is revealed as plainly as a CIA operative's identity was. ' Hogan Sherrow, Ashland

Centennial Days

Saturday, July 23, I attended Centennial Days in downtown Klamath Falls. Parade route was along Main Street and Klamath Avenue; festivities followed at Veteran's Park.

— The city of Klamath Falls (my birthplace) was officially incorporated in 1905, then registered in Salem via the Oregon Legislature. Original townsite of Linkville was laid out in 1867 by George Nurse at influx of Link River, entering Lake Ewauna.

In 1893 Linkville was renamed Klamath Falls. This hamlet prospered after arrival of George Baldwin from Ashland. His Baldwin Hotel constructed in 1904-1906, remains standing at 23 Main Street. Today, it's a public museum administered by Klamath County. The Klamath Reclamation Project (1907), and first passenger train in May 1909, boosted commerce and a future economy.

The Klamath Falls Centennial Park parade featured many horses and wagons, buckboards, surreys, carriages, ranch and spring wagons, and stagecoaches. The Mount Mazama Mountain Men, Cascade Civil War Society, Klamath tribes, and Chautauqua performers in period dress, marched in parade. Pelican Pete, symbol of Linkville, was present.

Centennial Days resonates a bygone era of self-reliance, pioneer spirit, rural enterprise, and free thinking, which is now, unfortunately, practically gone! ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Send a clear message

Karl Rove has admitted to outing undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame, and now the press is reporting that others could be involved in this shocking act of political retribution. Rove was seeking to punish and silence Ambassador Joe Wilson (Plame's husband) who was refuting the Bush administration's claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

These claims were central to the administration's rationale to the American people for war. Thankfully, congressional Democrats are holding hearings on this incident to flush out the truth.

We can only hope that the president will send a clear message to the world that those who serve the national interests of America will be protected, and those with privilege who exploit their position for political gain will be punished. ' Mary O'Kief, Ashland

Prepare for homelessness

There are many reasons people become homeless. Being alcoholic or drug addicted is a very small part of the whole. Some lose their jobs, some are running from abuse worse than simply being without a home.

Many reasons could be listed for being homeless. Many thought it would never happen to them. The important thing is this: Where do you want to lay your head if you become homeless? Think of the various things that could happen in your life to place you out of a home with all its comforts.

We need to prepare for that probability now. ' Evelyn Hardway, Medford

Lack of knowledge

Mandy Carr's guest opinion (July 24), while interesting, is marred by her abysmal lack of knowledge of the history of the United States and her assertions that the southwest of the United States was, until the late 19th century, under the dominion of Spain, and was taken from Mexico in the early 1900s.

It should be incumbent upon a senior in the Spanish language and culture program at a university to actually be cognizant of her country's history. Spain had no stake in the North American continent after Mexico obtained its independence in 1821. Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836, and, following Mexico's

1846 invasion of the United States, subsequent defeat, and pursuant to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Arizona, New Mexico, and California were added as territories to the United States. The Gadsden Purchase of 1853 completed U.S. territorial acquisitions from Mexico. ' Larry Reavis, Medford

Being disabled doesn't pay

What happened to our Jackson County Fair?

My girlfriend and I have to use electric wheelchairs, so my family drives to the fair and the first thing, we get charged &

36;4 to park my car. Then we go in and get charged &

36;8 twice plus one child &

36;6 to get in. Then &

36;25 for a wrist band for my child to ride the rides. Not too bad, but we went to the new Lithia Motors Amphitheater to watch a concert and were told that they did not have any place for disabled people to park unless we pay &

36;15 for each chair.

What has happened to our great fair? I guess if a person is disabled you need to take extra money because it seems that our great Jackson County Fair is more worried about over-charging people for things that at one time were free. (It does not pay to be disabled in Jackson County). ' Terry Miles, Central Point

Dates were wrong

Does no one in the Tribune staff check guest opinions without checking facts? The dates in the subject piece (July 24) are all wrong. The brief history of Mexico is:

Mexican War of Independence ' started in 1810, and established Mexico as an independent nation.

Mexican War of 1845 ' established U.S. boundaries with Mexico (there was some compensation involved).

Gadsden Purchase of 1853 ' land south of the Gila River in Arizona to the present southern boundary was purchased from Mexico and set the current boundaries of the United States. ' George Owens, Ashland

Sadler's propaganda

Environmental propagandist Russell Sadler has challenged the concept of managed forests in his recent, mean-spirited diatribe Science vs. propaganda in the forests. Apparently everyone with formal training in forest management who favors timber harvest is considered to be an industrial forester. Anyone who uses wood (houses, furniture, art) or paper (toilet paper, newsprint) should be glad there are a few of us around.

To be sure, planted forests are ecologically different from a naturally-evolved forests, but they are not biological deserts. Until the introduction of the Monterey pine, Australia and New Zealand had no usable softwoods. Now, they are very thankful to have millions of acres of biological deserts. The Tillamook burns were salvage logged, planted and now an excellent young forest. The enviros tried to stop logging there but not once did I hear the battle cry, Save the Tillamook biological desert.

Jerry Franklin's work is an important addition to centuries of research done at some of the world's greatest universities. It adds to our knowledge but doesn't declare all previous work to be junk science. This puts things back to square one ' science vs. Russell Sadler's propaganda. ' Pat Clason, Medford

I'll take 'all'

Mike Ely (All or nothing, July 25) must be unaware the New Testament commands strict adherence to the laws of the Old Testament . Here are Jesus' own words in Matthew 5:17-18, which read, Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Notice: Heaven and earth have not passed.

Next we have — Corinthians 9-10, which reads, Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Nice list. Notice the condemnation of homosexuality is not mentioned first? You Rogue Valley fornicators, adulterers, thieves, extortioners and drunks don't have much of a leg up on homosexuals in terms of salvation, so in an unintended way, Mr. Ely makes a damned good point. (Pun intended). ' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point