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Organic consumers savvy

No scientific evidence available to prove organic produce's nutritional superiority means none available to refute it either. So to say that in fact it simply isn't so is as disingenuous as claiming it is so.

In any case, organic produce consumers are, by and large, savvy people, unlikely to be bamboozled by insidious myths perpetrated by the industry ' were accusations of such practices even remotely accurate. They understand the factors behind the higher cost they pay for such products, find them acceptable, and support the industry. They also understand that during peak domestic production, a given organic crop will often go on sale for mere pennies on the pound more than its conventional counterpart ' compare the local inserts, and you'll find this is so.

Talk to organic consumers and discover that they're equally, if not more, concerned with the absence of pesticide residues in the food they eat as with its nutritional content. Again, no one's being tricked, and ultimately, the market speaks for itself. Organic produce has been a growth industry for several years running, arrows pointing upward on the graph, while conventional is what it's always been ' flat line. ' John Jayme, Talent

A more logical view

In response to Stanford Brown's assessment of the Karl Rove situation, here is the more logical view: The media did anything but give Karl Rove and President Bush a break. They tried to stir up the public on the premise that Karl Rove allegedly broke the law and betrayed an undercover patriot.

Turns out he did neither. Joseph Wilson's wife was not undercover (she was a paper-pusher), and it was a well-known fact that she worked for the CIA.

The facts have shown that Joseph Wilson and his wife do not deserve any media coverage, except for maybe a TV special called People Who Have No Basis For Any Claims They Have Ever Made. What we witnessed with the leftist media and the Democrats attempting to vilify Karl Rove is one thing: hatred.

— This man has beaten them time and again through brilliant campaigning and they want him gone, hence the ridiculous calls for Rove's dismissal. Hey, if you can't win on the issues or through logical debate, scream! It was Howard Dean's strategy and he now heads the DNC, so this should surprise no one. ' Jason Ferrer, Medford

Preventive measures

More than &

36;400,000 will enhance treatment and support for meth addicts and education.

Recently it was decided there were not sufficient funds to randomly test students for drugs. Certainly now there is enough for preventive measures as opposed to treating a person after he's addicted.

In the long run, random testing would save money. We are better at keeping cigarettes out of schools than drugs. ' W. Fischer, Central Point

Where satire belongs

Satire is a form of humor that can be highly effective. It can teach and make a point that would be difficult in any other medium. Doonesbury is a form of black humor that makes its point extremely well.

Thomas Nast was a pioneer in political satire in the 1870s. His cartoons about a Democrat, Boss Tweed, were so effective that Tweed ended up in prison and a new word, nasty, was created.

The major complaint this writer and many others have with Doonesbury is that it is on the comics page. Trudeau's opinions would be more relative on the opinion page with the other political cartoons.

While Trudeau's work doesn't rise to that of Nast, he does make conservatives (including me) squirm and moan. ' Gene Rushing, Medford