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Letters to the editor

The scenario has changed

I surmise the writer whose Dutch ancestors immigrated to Michigan three generations ago did so legally. Legal immigration was standard operating procedure at that point in history, but this scenario has drastically changed.

The United States has been and always will be a nation of laws, so is it any wonder the vast majority of law-abiding Americans react rather negatively to folks that don't play by the rules? Over 10 million and rapidly increasing illegal immigrants have chosen to ignore and not respect the immigration laws formulated by the United States Congress. Furthermore, it is my humble opinion that if one moves into a new neighborhood it is best not to be perceived to be a lawbreaker.

In conclusion, the illegals only add to the problems of legal immigrants, and this is a gross injustice that must be rectified by strict border control and scrutiny of hiring practices by U.S. employers. ' G. Allen, Jacksonville

The error of their ways

As an American and former member of the AARP, it hurts me to see the way Congress and the AARP have grossly misrepresented some of their constituents and members. Some have had the courage to fight for America's workers by working to introduce voluntary personal retirement accounts, while others have done everything they can to misinform and suppress debate on the issue.

I personally will not be affected by any changes in the system, as I am retired and collecting benefits now. But many of America's young men and women will not have the access to any benefits by the time they retire. Offering them an option that will allow for more control over their own money is the responsible thing to do.

I hope that those members of Congress and the AARP will see the error of their ways and start asking us citizens how we feel before they speak for us. ' Betty Peterson, Shady Cove

Why the high prices?

Why do we have some of the highest prices? Every year the price of gas goes up around the time most people travel and yet we can't seem to show a pattern of price fixing?

Last year we went to Ireland and the price of gas was &

36;6 a gallon U.S. Currently about 0.79 euros/liter unleaded times 3.7854118 liters/gallon equals 2.99 euro/gallon times 1.232 exchange equals &

36;3.68 U.S./gallon. Other places in the world it is much less than what we pay.

They will charge whatever we are willing to pay! It has nothing to do with their complicated or misleading excuses. Go online and find lowest prices and shop there. Enough is enough, or do you want to pay &

36;3.68 a gallon also? The squeaky wheel gets the oil and, I might add, at a lower price. If we don't cry out they will continue raising the prices. ' Jerry Aaronson, Central Point

At least leave some food

The opportunist (read yahoo) who left a box of kittens behind Acorn Press on July 23 could at least leave a bag of kitten food for the animals.

We have a colony of 12 mostly feral cats in the alley who we feed and water regularly. Apparently the kittens' owner decided that we could afford to feed a few more. We can't!

We are not a dumping ground for unwanted animals. We mostly have to buy the food ourselves, which gets mighty expensive. (Bless the hearts of those who donate food to us for them!)

Further, SNYP (Spay Neuter Your Pets) rounded up all these strays and had them fixed. Now we have the situation starting up again.

Whoever dumped these cats was able to make it to our place of business, so why couldn't they make it to a veterinarian to have the mother cat spayed? We know where your brain is, kitten-dumper, but where is your heart? ' Dick and Nancy Gustafson, Acorn Press, Medford

The best known to mankind

Regarding the two questions asked in the cartoon on Aug. 5, here's my answer:

Q: What's wrong with an all-Shiite Muslim government?

A: It seems to be based on rabid hatred without freedom for its citizens.

Q: What's wrong with an all-evangelical Christian government?

A: Nothing. It has given us the best government known to mankind and is based on love and freedom for all citizens.

Let's hope and pray we keep it for years to come. ' Willa Johnson, Phoenix