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Bush met with Sheehan

President Bush did meet with the grieving mother Cindy Sheehan. After the meeting she made a very positive statement about President Bush. Why should President Bush meet with the self-proclaimed radical Cindy Sheehan?

President Bush has already answered the questions she wants to ask. The issues were debated during the 2004 campaign and the independent voters decided that President Bush's full-court press was better that Kerry's prevent defense.

Please no boring letters without substance. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Could it be?

Recent Mail Tribune articles covered the conviction and sentencing of the North Carolina sociopathic, right-wing murderer Eric Rudolph. This violent, immoral criminal publicly professed his strong hatred toward blacks, gays and liberals, and was well-known for his love of pipe bombs, fetuses and assault rifles.

Could it be that this sick, pathetic man got his weird, flaky ideas from Falwell-Robertson right-wing radio programs? It wouldn't surprise me one bit. ' James Snyder, Central Point

The 'chickenhawk tax'

About outrageous gasoline prices, Sen. Ron Wyden stated that going to a gas station, you're paying ... a terror tax. He's only partially right. A more accurate statement would be that we are paying a chickenhawk tax.

— G.W. Bush, head chickenhawk, got us into a needless war costing us at the gas pump, wasting 1,800 American lives and billions of dollars.

Remember the chickenhawk tax in the next election, no noble cause, just Republican incompetence. ' Don Stone, Ashland

Call them what they are

I wish that someone of substantial consequence could absorb this and carry the ball. Stop calling those cowards terrorists, which is a rather glamorous title, inflicting fear into others, and instead give them a more appropriate name ' cowards.

Murdering innocent, defenseless people is total cowardice, and not deserving of such a glamorous title. A real soldier will face his enemy face to face.

In all the annals of history, has anyone faced such a devious and cowardly adversary? Let's call them by their real name ' cowards. ' William Dell, Central Point


Development not to blame

The new development at Cedar Links is not causing the prices of existing properties to fall. It is the sellers of those properties that price their homes too high initially that create the problem.

When the market rejects their price it can't be their fault, it must be someone else's fault! If they keep complaining and drawing negative attention to the development they will continue to see softening of their home's value. ' John Doelger, Central Point

Bring our jobs back

Outsourcing: the death of Social Security.

Bring jobs back. Put people to work and they will pay into Social Security; so will employers. No work, no Social Security taxes paid.

Stop government from dipping into our money for everything except our retirement.

Some of us seniors feel we won't be around much longer to take the hits, but our kids and grandkids will. Can we live with that? ' Mary E. Paine, Medford

Is Measure 37 dead?

With 61 percent of the vote on Measure 37 in favor of property rights, politicians would consider this a landslide, but for property rights advocates it is just a bump in the road. The light at the end of the tunnel is very dim. After years of waiting for a reversal of administrative rules invoked by Salem, we are back to square one.

Doesn't our vote count the same as politicians' votes when they are elected into office by a majority, or do we have the right to scrutinize their vote also? After votes are counted there should be no involvement of the Democrats or Republicans because the people have spoken. There is no bipartisanship in Salem; not even the governor and Democrats agree.

Civil rights in the past have always had a hard time; demonstrating usually gets politicians' attention. Maybe it is time for property rights to be acknowledged by taking to the sidewalk.

Decisions should be left to our local officials. They are leading the fight for Jackson County; let them make the compromise. ' Al and

Elsie Chachere, Applegate

Timber cut all about money

At a protest Aug. 8, I was told directly by the Bureau of Land Management that the Bald Lick timber sale is about gaining board feet and fufilling quotas passed down from Congress. It was informative to hear that when Congress gives the BLM money, Congress then has expectations for a certain number of board feet per year to be regionally harvested and sold by the BLM.

In your article, fire suppression was mentioned several times. It was not mentioned to me that fire suppression was a major concern, only timber volume.

Environmental impact was mentioned, though. I was told that impacting the environment is part of the plan. I was also informed that Congress does not allocate funds for replanting, maintaining and sustaining the cut areas. Replanting those areas adjacent to the proposed cut, which were harvested previously, is not funded and not important.

Clearly this cut is about money. It is about fufilling goals and quotas at the expense of the local and global environment, the surrounding community and the tourism this community benefits from. I believe fire suppression is a catchy way for the BLM to gain public support to harvest timber and fulfill a quota. ' Nabha (Michelle) Goldfeder, Applegate