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Developers don't cause plunge

I have spent most of my career as a real estate developer and I have never seen a responsible developer cause prices to plunge. What I have seen is irresponsible journalism, such as the headline in the Aug. 10 paper cause damage to many people economically and otherwise.

By the way, Dennis Hoffbuhr is not the developer, he is the representative for the family developing Cedar Links Golf Course. He is of the highest integrity and his professionalism will ensure a responsible development. Dennis Hoffbuhr has represented me many times.

My experience is that you will not see plunging prices in surrounding properties. ' Bryce Rutledge, Medford

Shelter needs more friends

Friends of the Animal Shelter would like to thank the Mail Tribune for publishing the news story Fur Factor on Aug. 7.

JoNel Aleccia's article did a remarkable job of illustrating the complex and emotional issue of pet overpopulation in Jackson County. Although the euthanasia of homeless kittens is a difficult subject for any caring person to read about, we believe public education is a necessary and critical step toward a more humane society.

If anyone who read the article has been inspired to help save homeless cats and dogs, please consider joining Friends of the Animal Shelter. Each year, our volunteers and supporters help the dedicated staff at the county shelter save thousands of homeless pets. We offer a wide variety of volunteer and donor opportunities.

— For more information, please call 774-6646 or visit . ' Robert Casserly, Friends of the Animal Shelter, Ashland

Bush stonewalling again

Regarding the recess appointment of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Bush claimed that Bolton was denied an up-or-down vote by the Senate.

The facts are that Bolton's up-or-down vote was waiting only for the release of documents from the White House needed by the Senate to make that vote. Once the Senate had those documents, the vote would have gone ahead.

It was Bush stalling, not the Senate (including concerned Republicans, not just Democrats). Bush made a recess appointment so he could avoid releasing the requested documents. Doesn't that make you wonder what was in the stonewalled documents?

Now on the defensive about recent revelations about Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr.'s legal work, Bush is stonewalling again. Tens of thousands of documents from the Reagan administration would reveal Roberts' record on important issues, but the White House is withholding their release.

What are they hiding about Roberts? We know from documents already cleared for public release by previous administrations that Roberts doesn't believe there's a privacy right. What other extreme views does Roberts hold? ' Vicki Fox, Ashland

A mediocre son of privilege

So George W. is taking five- week vacation. He's spent 20 percent of his presidency on vacation.

This mediocre son of privilege ' a guy who hid out in the National Guard during the Vietnam War, when it was almost impossible to get into the Guard without political connections ' blithely sends our brave youth to risk their lives in Iraq to try to solve the unsolvable religious and factional disputes of the Middle East.

An exiled Iraqi scientist said, before the invasion of Iraq, if you Americans invade Iraq you better have a good plan for after the battles because many Iraqis don't like Saddam but most Iraqis don't like Americans either. The invasion of Iraq has been the best recruiting tool Osama could ever hope for.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate George Bush. He'd make an OK neighbor or a friendly guy to pump your gas at the corner gas station, but it's obvious anytime he opens his mouth that he doesn't have the intellect or depth to lead this country in a complex world. ' Tim Church, Ashland