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A future in comedy

Atkinson for governor?

Kulongoski is bad, Mannix would be worse. I am unfamiliar with Saxton, but Atkinson? If Atkinson ever gets out of the Senate ' as he should ' he has a future in comedy. What a guy! Can you imagine someone playing such a joke on a reporter?

Atkinson's announcement that he was running for speaker would be hilarious, but governor? Now we know why the legislative sessions are so long ' jokesters. ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

The reason is obvious

Those wanting Bush to explain why their children had to die are being disingenuous. For that information, they can just follow the money.

It's no secret that the only ones benefiting from the fiasco in Iraq are profiteers such as Bechtel and Halliburton. For years the public has been willing to overlook it.

Calling undue attention to it at this point only serves to further erode support for the war. Therefore, truth is treason. ' Michael Steely, Medford

Where the problem lies

On June 24, there was a comprehensive review of the crash report involving Kevan Thatcher-Stephens on the front page of the Mail Tribune, by Jack Moran. I commend Jack and the Mail Tribune for shedding light on this mystery and the workings of the Ashland cabal led by the Orf family.

Some time later there was an excellent editorial by the Tribune, entitled appropriately, The Orfs are not just any parents. As clearly pointed out, the Orfs are attorneys and thus officers of the court and have a sworn obligation to cooperate with the investigation. Herein lies the problem.

Some observers' perception is that the Orfs are muddying the water and tap dancing around circumstantial evidence. It is the shame and disgrace of Ashland that this despicable and unethical attitude is so pervasive among some of the Ashland elite.

I say again, may your collective consciousness leave you no peace or restful sleep until the truth is revealed. ' Carl J. Sandberg, Phoenix

Fancy designs cost more

It is sad to see the cost going up so much for the interchange, but we the consumers feel the same pinch in our rising everyday expenses.

I guess the one thing that really bothers me is when I go by and see the new bridge in Rogue River. It is very impressive with its arches.

But it seems to me that while we just needed a bridge to get over the river, they have spent millions of dollars and almost a year just building those arches. What a waste of money that could be improving more roads and help fund projects that are more important to traffic flow rather than looks.

Our government needs to look more to basics instead of fancy. Another example is all the new county libraries. Maybe we need to let the voters pick designs for some of the things we vote on. I bet we would save money. Robert Berg, Medford

Eat up; it's your choice

John from Talent wrote, savvy organic consumers enjoy an absence of pesticides on their produce and the organic industry isn't tricking anyone. A writer from Jacksonville stated only conventional produce contains pesticides and is basically unhealthy.

There's no dispute that organic produce is equally healthy to conventionally grown produce, but some of these statements are ridiculous.

Certified organic means it was grown without synthetic compounds like nitrogen fertilizers. It can be legally sprayed with other forms of pesticides or herbicides, not that anyone, either organic or conventional, would do so if it weren't absolutely necessary.

Organic certifier Oregon Tilth makes no declaration of approved pesticides on their Web site. Another certifier, MOSA from the Midwest, states that recording pesticide and herbicide usage is necessary on its audit trail requirements. Both certifiers are overseen by USDA-NOP.

When people hear organic they immediately think no pesticides. That's obviously fine with the industry and sometimes it's true. But don't compare some local organic grower with large commercial organic growers down south.

Mexico grows much of the organic and conventional produce in winter. There's no proof which spray is worse for you. It's your choice, so eat up, it's all really good for you! ' H. Fagundes, Talent.

Roberts might restore meaning

President Bush has nominated a man for the Supreme Court who just might restore the profound meaning to the phrase blind justice. Blind justice does not judge a person by race, gender, religion, or his personal beliefs. It also means justice administered by judges who do not see in the law what is not written in the law, even though this judge or that might wish the law had been written otherwise.

I have some changes I'd like to make in our laws and our Constitution, and I surmise they would be popular with others who think like me. But we would be undermining the very foundations of our country if we asked our president to nominate and our Senators to approve only a Supreme Court nominee who could magically see in the Constitution the words we wish had been written by the founders or voted into amendments.

I hope Judge John Roberts understands that the Constitution is not an evolving chalkboard which competing interest groups get to erase and rewrite. That might disappoint some, but it should cheer anyone who has seen the court arbitrarily erase words we thought we understood. ' Larry Baines, Medford

Why is it?


1. are the people who allegedly embrace all beliefs intolerant of Christians, whom they consider intolerant?

2. do those same folks spout Thou shalt not judge while judging and vilifying Christians?

3. does diligent Bible study and strong commitment make one a fanatic?

4. is homosexuality considered genetic with no gene identified?

5. do some say, You can't legislate morality, while counting on legislatures and courts to do just that?

6. is support of Roe vs. Wade an acceptable litmus test for Supreme Court justices but not opposition to it?

7. are 1,841 military deaths in Iraq horrendous, but 3,200,000 unborn babies deliberately killed during the same period OK?

8. is it noble to save whales but not babies?

9. is not finding WMDs a bad thing? No one knew for sure, not even you.

10. do liberals harp on separation of church and state unless it's a Buddhist bow, Hinduism's Yoga and meditation, or American Indian shamans at a city hall dedication?

11. is evolution called a fact? If truly proven there could be no argument.

12. are many peace advocates often so militant, especially toward a president they've despised and maligned since before he took office? ' Bob Calhoun, Medford

Ah, politics

Your readers, by a ratio of about 8 to 1, have been skewering the Bush administration, so maybe it is appropriate to point out that its most insidious tactic is to kill the messenger whenever:

1) the White House hears something it does not like.

2) it cannot blame anyone else.

3) it cannot refute outright.

Don't debate ' retaliate, seems to be the order of the day.

The current flap over diplomat Joe Wilson's wife is the latest example among others. Most of us out here couldn't care less who caused the leak and are more interested in who chose to punish Wilson for giving the lie to the claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Africa in the first place.

The retaliation tactic is presented as the brilliant brain child of a high-ranking genius. Hardly. It is really pre-kindergarten. Little Mary always wins at hop scotch, so little Joey wrecks her little red wagon.

Isn't politics wonderful? ' Vern Wolthoff, Medford

Alcohol is number one

Shame on Kathy Vanderpool for dismissing the importance of alcohol use by a minor, alcohol use at double the legal amount for an adult. Statistics show that alcohol use is the No. — drug of choice for our youth. She wants more focus on pot and cocaine; two people are dead. All three of the drugs are mind-altering, and each is very dangerous and very illegal for a youth to use.

Maybe she should focus on the parents and adults of our community that allow or tolerate the underage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. It doesn't matter if you think alcohol will be legal in two years or the fact that you think pot and cocaine will never be legal, all is illegal for youth today!

Shame on the parents and youth for not allowing the truth of that night to come out. Are they scared of the consequences that may come to them or their families? One family has felt the consequence of Kevan and Ian's illegal use, by losing a husband, father and friend. ' Shawn Martinez, Eagle Point

The designer is incompetent

With regard to intelligent design, one only has to look at the products to come to the inescapable conclusion that the Designer, whoever he, she, or it is, must be a dreadfully incompetent boob. It's as if Dr. Frankenstein snorted a little too much coke one night and turned Igor loose in the lab. Darwin, at least, was a brilliant, observant and objective scientist.

On the other hand, the Designer has given us warfare, the Inquisition (now being refurbished in Rome), plagues, cancer, Hitler, Stalin, Capone, religion, politics, diets, cell phones and Monday Night Football.

In my more than 80 years on this planet, intelligent design has been fairly limited; namely, Deere's tractor, Crapper's flush toilet and Gilbert's Erector Set. ' Lee Carrau, Phoenix

The toilet has been flushed

Isn't it funny that when some liberal says something about this administration he is attacked from all sides, yet there are demonstrations against this administration every day that never get reported?

Isn't it funny how there hasn't been a comprehensive report on what's really happening in this country's economy for years? Yet, every few months Wubya comes out patting himself on the back for creating a few Wal-Mart/McDonald's jobs that still leave the employee eligible for welfare; i.e.: free baby-sitting, medical, food stamps, and in some cases money. How is this supposed to help our economy?

Let's face it, our standard of living is being sold like some kind of commodity all through this hemisphere. The toilet has been flushed, and Sean, Bill and Rush ' our official neocon Judas goats/lapdogs for the Bush babies ' are keeping the water spinning so we go down smoothly.

I hope all of you who support this commander of chumps can find the right words to explain to your children and grandchildren what happened to the American dream.

I'm a vet and it makes me sick to see what's happening to this country.' Stephen Vinzant, Medford

Doing their best?

As a student who just graduated from Ashland High School, I don't think the student body or the school needs to be told that life is precious and fragile. After enduring numerous tragedies involving students at AHS this past year, the school has learned a lot about loss of life and hurt for relatives and friends, but I don't think we have all learned to cooperate with law enforcement.

Maybe if we all had cooperated, parents could have been able to protect their children, and families wouldn't have been torn apart. ' Brendan Good, Talent

Headline irresponsible

I thought it was highly irresponsible of the Tribune to feature an article on the front page with Plunging prices as the heading referring to the Cedar Landing development.

What evidence supports this outrageous claim? Not all of the area residents are screaming that the sky is falling. I didn't know that the Tribune writers were also appraisers and experts in the real estate business. The owners of Cedar Links can do what they want with their property based on their zoning, as can other property owners with their land.

I can imagine how the Tribune would feel if someone published that their subscriptions were down as the lead story, without any proof. It might raise an eyebrow. ' Brian Gelsinger, Medford

Huss twists logic

Larry Huss really twisted logic around when he defended the inaction of the Oregon Legislature: The founding fathers designed a political system to resist dramatic or sudden change. Yet in the very same column, he clearly applauded the voters for passing Measures 36 and 37 ' initiatives that brought about dramatic and sudden change.

And if he wants to bash the Legislature for trying to fine-tune initiatives, he should remember that far too many of our initiatives are so poorly written as to require legislative clarification ' remember Measure 47 having to be re-passed as Measure 50?

But my main argument goes beyond the message, it gets to the messenger: Larry Huss has no more business writing a regular column than did Ron Saxton, because both are Republican political players, first and foremost. When they write, they take positions and then attempt to support them with facts. All fine and good, but you simply do not provide a regular counterpart on the other side of the political spectrum.

Russell Sadler and Molly Ivins may draw the ire of Republicans and conservatives, but both are journalists by training; they begin with the facts and draw conclusions from there. Not so with Mr. Huss. ' Geoffrey Riley, Talent

A true tribute

What a shame to read the Sunday front-page feature article (Aug. 14) detailing the saga of Roland and Mary Ann Daniels, who seek to resurrect a beloved, departed pet by cloning a mutated harvested cell from ol' Smokey.

If these well-off California transplants truly wish to memorialize their beloved cat, why don't they use their resources and energies to support the Southern Oregon animal shelters and organizations by adopting another wonderful cat or kitten who likely will not see Thursday without human intervention? Cloning will only add to the already burgeoning population of unwanted animals and the thousands killed each year because they cannot find homes.

In fact, it is Smokey (a stray himself), who exemplifies how a stray animal can create a wondrous life-long bond between human and animal.

Roland and Mary Ann, your new best friend awaits! ' Joyce and Robert Graham, Medford

An observation

It seems that the liberals try to maintain and provide entitlement programs for those who need it the most while the conservatives are very liberal in providing tax relief and incentives to the very wealthy and big corporations who really do not need it. ' Jerry R. Swanson, Grants Pass

Civility disintegrates

Re: B.A. Plunkett's letter regarding Truth, the truth is this: As long as angry liberals continue to refer to Republicans as neocons, the civility he/she refers to will not only continue to disintegrate, it will serve to widen the gap between the two parties. The writer is part of the problem, not part of the solution he/she is seeking to find. ' Donna Chambers, Central Point

Thanks for aid

Many thanks to all the helped my husband Houston Wolf when he passed out and fell while walking on Lone Pine Road on Aug. 2. A special thanks to the lady who called the ambulance and then called me. God bless her, and a gracious thanks to the neighbor who took me to the hospital. ' Edna Wolf, Medford


Winters deserves credit

A couple of weeks ago I read an article about a local policeman who'll be running for sheriff. He mentioned that Mike Winters is not a team player. As a Medford merchant that lives in Wimer, I must disagree. Because of Mike Winters hands-on methods, police presence has improved and crime has decreased. I wish to commend Sheriff Winters for a job well done. ' Robert A. Gates, Medford