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What a mess!

Thank you, Jack Ashcraft, for illustrating (in the Sunday editorial cartoon) Medford's most frustrating site, the new north Medford interchange. Confusing signs, roads to nowhere, long green lights for phantom cars, cones galore, dangerous entry to Highway 62 ' what a mess! What a joke! I'm just trying to get to the airport! Way to go, ODOT. ' Bill Popoff, Medford

Be fair to Roberts

Why should Judge John Roberts be required to answer questions on issues, sure to come before the Supreme Court, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not? Why should Judge Roberts' adoption of children or his wife's involvement in social causes be investigated? Because liberals see that the tide is turning against their tactic of legislating through the courts, something a correct interpretation of the role of the judiciary ' and John Roberts ' understands. ' Bryan Platt, Eagle Point

An honest explanation

Everyone deserves an honest, realistic explanation of this administration's position in Iraq and the rest of the world.

That Cindy Sheehan lost a son in Iraq is sad. That she cannot get an explanation is sadder. That the administration keeps telling lie after lie about the true facts is impeachable. ' Ken Schiff, Jacksonville

Caution, courtesy at airport

Recently there was a minor helicopter crash in Ashland. This crash should be an omen to pilots and instructors of helicopters at the Ashland airport.

At the end of each runway, there is a request printed that asks pilots to gain 1,000 feet of altitude before making a turn; this is a noise abatement request. It has been the observed practice of some pilots , students and instructors to turn into the airport at any desired location and at low altitude.

— I have personally seen numerous craft come over my home low, hot and cocky and at an attitude that I could observe the pilot with stick in hand looking down at me.

So what are students learning? Is it that they can ignore FAA and community requests? Or maybe that the students are so well qualified that they can come into the airport at low altitudes over the souls that live below? Or maybe it's because helicopters are so quiet that noise abatement does not apply?

Helicopters are machines; machines don't always do what we want of them. Our minds are even more precarious, so thought about the safest approach is advisable.

Ashland Airport is surrounded by the highest density residential area of any small airport in the county. So pilots, take care to abide by these requests. ' Jimm Jean, Ashland