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Speak to Sheehan

President Bush should allow Cindy Sheehan to get on with her life by taking a few moments out of his busy five-week long vacation to speak with her. Her son gave his life for the interests of big business. W should be willing to say this to her personally. Perhaps this will make her feel better. ' Lloyd Johnston, Wolf Creek

Publicity undeserved

The Sheehan supporters don't deserve the publicity. Moms for Peace? Shades of the demonstrators during the war I fought in, Vietnam.

Moms for Peace in Medford would not be supported by moms in Iraq. Mothers are being freed by our troops. If these moms really cared about women's rights, they would see that it is the women in the Middle East who need democracy the most. Women are virtual slaves there.

Sheehan is shaming her son. He would not want her there. Soldiers know that to stop the war also means stop the new schools, stop the new hospitals, stop the clean water, stop the voting and stop giving women equal rights.

Sheehan and her supporters are inadvertently killing more mothers' sons. Vietnam vets know how deadly demonstrations like these can be. The publicity draws the war out longer and gives hope to the enemy that we will give up. These demonstrations encourage the terrorists.

Nobody talks about the millions of South Vietnam, Laotian and Cambodian people that were murdered by the Communists after we left. If the Women in Black have their way, millions more may be murdered this time. ' Larry Nathan, Eagle Point

Foes trash Constitution

I just want to say how sad that opponents of President Bush claim his Supreme Court nominee Judge Roberts would destroy constitutional rights, then they trash that same Constitution to defeat Roberts. Article VI says, .. no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. Yet when Roberts paid a courtesy call on Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the senator grilled him on his religious beliefs.

When Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley spoke to Durbin on the record and published an account of Durbin's grilling, Durbin called it a lie.

Turley, however, happened to have a taped message from Durbin's spokesman confirming the facts and asking him not to identify Durbin but to say the information came up in the course of several meetings with several senators. What did Durbin ask and Roberts answer? Never mind, the Constitution forbids such stuff.

In judging the man whose job will be to defend the Constitution, both supporters and critics should stay within the bounds set by the Constitution. ' David Gustafson, Ashland

Catchy new slogan

Anyone who listens to Lars Larson will hear him refer to the Oregonian newspaper as The daily dead-fish wrapper. I refer to the Mail Tribune as The daily cat- box liner. ' Brad Walters, Medford

Nattering nabobs

The left side of the political spectrum and Mail Tribune letter writers continue to miserably fail in providing any positive programs, ideas or comments. They don't have a clue, but can only complain and whine while continuing to lose important elections. The Mail Tribune is in the same mode without any positive reporting, unless someone is bragging on Molly Ivins. Spiro Agnew had it right when he appropriately identified them as nattering nabobs of negativism. ' Gary Endicott, Trail

Don't glorify crime

With all due respect to Mr. Kounz regarding his Aug. 17 letter to the editor, I disagree with his opinion that the drive-by shooting should have received front page placement in your newspaper. This would only glorify the perpetrator's criminal actions and serve to encourage other like-minded individuals to receive their 15-minutes of fame. ' S. Kershaw, Medford