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Dr. Holbert will be missed

I was shocked to learn that Dr. Holbert died last week. It truly was a gift to be his patient.

I think back to when he saved my life early one morning at the hospital. He made me feel safe before the surgery ' even made me smile with the way he talked.

My husband and I will always be grateful to him for helping us make a few important decisions resulting in our beautiful baby, Andrew. ' C. Olsen, Phoenix

Anti-Bush league logic lapses

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the shrill voices of the anti-Bush league are once again being heard. But where is their outcry over government incompetence at the local level in Louisiana?

Specifically, shouldn't the mayor and governor bear some responsibility (if not most of it)? For example, why were hundreds of buses, which could have been used to evacuate residents, left standing idle by the mayor of New Orleans?

On the other hand, if blame were placed in these obvious places, the league would miss an irresistible opportunity to blame their favorite target.

— And while we are confronting the league about their lapses in logic (not to mention their lack of civility), we should take issue with their oft-repeated statement, The president lied about the presence of WMDs. Does this also mean that Kennedy, Clinton and Kerry also lied? (After all, these three, and many others, believed in the presence of such weapons ' or did the league miss reading that in the paper?) ' Maureen McNeil, Medford

Yes, there is a war

Thursday, Sept. 22, I searched the Mail Tribune for news about the war in Iraq. Page 7 contained a squib concerning the Brits in Iraq. Imagine, it wasn't until page 7. So I asked myself, is there such a war?

To find out, I watched television news from 5 to 6 p.m. of the same day, Sept. 27. The news was all about the hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Also serious side stories on the hurricanes, but nothing of the war in Iraq.

Again I asked myself, is there such a war? Since there were no weapons of mass destruction, and since we know, although a great mass of people disagree, that Saddam Hussein was not involved in the destruction of the twin towers in New York, just maybe there is no war.

The best I could do was the New York Times containing an article on Bush not planning to withdraw the troops from Iraq soon.

So there is a war. A war in Iraq that is draining America of its people and its money and hope for a decent future. ' Sidney E. Goldberg, Ashland

Picture was damaging

Hi, I am 17 years old and I am very ashamed of whoever had the wonderful idea of putting that picture on the front page of The Sept. 20 newspaper. If I was a parent I would have no idea how to explain to my children what's going on in that picture. I can't imagine the nightmares this might cause a child whose parent is overseas.

I know this country is about desensitizing people now, but really, have some morals left. Let children keep some innocence. Children read it because they want to feel older, but don't make them grow up too fast.

I'm just asking that if there is a mentally damaging picture, don't put it on the front page, instead type on the front page a note that says parental advisory warning. I'm sure that almost every parent would agree with me.

Keep your pictures family friendly. And if you place this in the newspaper, I want to hear if others agree with me so they can e-mail me at brwneyedbty1111@aim.com. ' Brianne Phillips, Central Point