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District 9 Friends say thanks

The Friends of Applegate Valley Fire District No. 9 want to thank you for our great annual yard sale Sept. 17 and 18.

Radio, TV stations, newspapers and businesses advertised our activity. The Rural Action Team provided breakfast, they and the Lions Club provided lunch, and The Magnolia Grill fed the volunteers.

Thanks to those who donated surplus items and to the firefighters who collected the donations. Special thanks to the customers who carried off their treasures.

The proceeds from this sale benefit the fire district, which magnificently protects the community.

Ask anybody on Upper Applegate Road. The proceeds from this yard sale will buy equipment for our district and will help to train new EMTs. In the past we have purchased chainsaws, radios and much other needed equipment.

If you wish to become a volunteer firefighter or join the Friends, call headquarters at 899-1050. ' J. Gary Johnson for Friends of A.V.F.C. No. 9, Ruch

Ginsburg refused, too

For Joe, Lois and Mauna (Letters, Sept 23): Hey folks, how old are you? Not old enough to remember when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated by a liberal president and refused to answer any questions about her own core legal beliefs, yet she was confirmed by Democrats and Republicans then in office because she was a capable judge.

Fair for your side, not for Roberts? ' H. Rogers, Talent

School zones confusing

When the state decided to change the times for school zones to make it less confusing for everyone, did they realize they made it more confusing?

For example: The school zone in downtown Eagle Point at the intersection of Main and Royal. Heading in a north and south direction (Main Street) the school zone signs say to go 20 mph at all times. Then you have the signs going in an east and west direction (Royal Avenue); the signs say to go 20 mph when children are present! Same intersection! What's up with that? ' Patti Martin, Eagle Point

How many more?

My memory may have deceived me, but I believe our selected president said he was going to run the government like a business. At that time, I checked into some of his business ventures and many were failures. I was hoping this wouldn't be another one.

Now for a list of just a few of the things that have happened since he moved into the White House and Air Force One:

1. We've gone from a &

36;236 billion surplus to a &

36;333 billion deficit.

2. We've spent &

36;300 billion on an unnecessary war. Thousands of our young people have been killed and maimed.

3. No weapons of mass destruction were found.

4. Millions of people have no health insurance.

5. North Korea has increased its nuclear arsenal.

Immediately after 9/11, Afghanistan was invaded. Thousands of people were killed, including many of our young men and women. Then on to invade Iraq, and of course many more people were killed. We heard nothing but lies for the invasion of their countries. Remember the photo-op Mission Accomplished aboard the aircraft carrier in May 2003? How many more people will be killed before his mission is accomplished? ' Mildred M. Furlatte, Rogue River

Compromise on Roe v. Wade

This is for Craig Ellerbeck and anyone else who so opposes Roe v. Wade.

I have heard for years about the morals of women who choose to have abortions. I have never heard word one about the people who put those babies in those women in the first place. No mention of their moral turpitude.

How about this for a compromise? If Roe v. Wade does become history when Roberts runs the Supreme Court, let's have this law in its place:

Now that we have DNA testing, let the woman have the baby, and upon its delivery hand it right over to the father to be raised until it is 18. That's right. Not financially supported. Raised. Fed. Burped. Changed. Potty-trained. Taught Algebra.

As the little old lady in the joke about the pope's stand on birth control said, You no play-a the game, you no make-a the rules. ' Kim Cower, Talent

Embarrassed by Walden

Not only am I embarrassed of being an American under the current administration in D.C.; now, because of Rep. Greg Walden, I'm also embarrassed of being an Oregonian.

Walden never met an extractive industry he didn't like, nor has he protected the environment from the rapacious behavior of corporate America! Now, to add insult to injury he is co-sponsoring Rep. Pombo's bill, an attempt to gut the Endangered Species Act, but of course couched in benign terms as a positive force for the benefit of the public rather than corporate America. How deceitful.

Oregon has always been a leader in the battle to preserve and protect the nation's, and Oregon's, flora and fauna. To join forces with these reactionary brethren to the south of us is to obviate two generations of progress that has helped protect endangered species, from fish to birds to forests. When will he stand up to represent the greater good rather then the extractive industries and their powerful lobbies?

Of all the inane, anti-environmental legislation the Republican Party has sponsored, this is the most profound insult! Will the party of Theodore Roosevelt leave anything for future generations besides a wasteland? Shame! ' Yale Sacks, Central Point

Bear damage a symptom

Regarding the article that black bears are allegedly destroying thousands of acres of conifer seedlings: The problem may not be too many bears in the forest. Blood analysis found that tree damage is high where bears suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Perhaps if bears had access to healthy wild salmon runs they would be less inclined to chew on young conifers. Salmon spawn at an opportune time for bears.

In a salmon-rich area of British Columbia, black bears obtain 70 percent of their annual protein from salmon. An average bear takes 15 salmon per day. Most of the salmon they take have already spawned.

Although Southern Oregon black bears are said to be primarily herbivores, I doubt they ate just roots and berries back when wild salmon runs were more than tenfold greater than today. Bears performed the valuable ecological service of taking the fertility that salmon brought from the sea and spreading it on the land. Bear damage of conifer plantations may be just one more symptom of a messed-up ecosystem. ' Jim Bauermeister, Medford

Gasoline prices elastic

Tuesday's MT editorial glossed over the central question the market asks in times of supply shortage: What price guarantees a supply?

Sen. Ron Wyden's post-Katrina statement notes he does not believe the current Oregon price is the result of supply and demand, but Wyden fails to recognize that suspended EPA rules render most regional gasolines fungible nationwide. Sending fuel to markets where the price is highest is rational, but such action tightens supply and raises prices in Oregon ' far away from hurricane-affected areas.

The situation is not helped by the inelastic response of gasoline price to a supply shortfall. At present about 5 percent of the gasoline refining capacity has been off-line for a month, and Rita added another 5 percent to this total. Did fuel prices increase only 5 percent after Katrina? No, 5 percent is the elastic response.

Because people forego discretionary purchases in order to buy fuel, the price must increase more than 5 percent. How much more? Enough to squelch demand sufficiently to match the lower supply.

Is it fair? Yes. And it is temporary. Want to help? Drive less and build a refinery in Oregon. Require an adjacent wind farm, hydrogen plant, whatever. But build the refinery. ' D. C. Young, Medford

Goal is being accomplished

Many thanks for running the series on our Southern Oregon Army National Guard as they mobilized and performed a tour of duty in New Orleans.

Reporter Paris Achen and photographer Jim Craven did a fine job of showing us here at home what our citizen soldiers from the lst Battalion of the 186th Infantry faced as they assisted victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As always, we can take great pride in these men and women who put their private lives on hold to help their fellow countrymen when the call comes.

I especially liked the comment by Cmdr. Travis Lee of Medford, The goal is to make it better than when we got here. I'm sure that goal is being accomplished. ' Joann Blair, Ashland

Thanks to boosters

Special thanks to the Greater Shady Cove Boosters for their ongoing Highway 62 street cleanup program. Once again, the booster volunteers walked Highway 62 in Shady Cove from north to south, picking up refuse along the road and helping make Shady Cove absolutely beautiful for residents, businesses and visitors to our town.

Between the river cleanup and the street cleanup, the Boosters keep busy, but they still manage to find time to install, maintain and update a seasonal flag program in Shady Cove. Last but not least, their annual salmon barbecue adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of our community, and we look forward to July 2006 when they host their next one.

Thanks to all the boosters for their mission of beautifying Shady Cove for the benefit of all. ' Mayor Dick Bailey, Shady Cove

Siskiyou Violins say thanks

As conductor of Siskiyou Violins, I would like to thank our community which by its generosity made our June trip to the New York Orchestra Festival possible; it was an absolute dream come true for my students and me.

We could never have played at Carnegie Hall without local businesses and individuals that contributed and lent support by attending our preparatory concerts.

I wish I could thank each one who contributed to the educational experience and the joy that our group derived from it, but space prohibits. Please know that my young students and I will be forever grateful to those who gave life to our dream by their generosity to Siskiyou Violins. ' Faina Podolnaya, Ashland