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Help citizens first

The Multicultural Fair wants effective communications. Americans have been screaming for years they are fed up with the illegal Hispanic invasion and the costs and woes that come with it, so why act surprised when Oregonians want to stop the Spanish language and illegals taking over here as has happened in many other parts of the country?

We want to shape the kind of state and communities we live in; however, that collides with big business and their desires for cheap labor, never mind the costs to this nation and its citizens. Vibrant doesn't describe over 5,000 people in Josephine County being fed by our food bank each month who can't find affordable housing. It doesn't describe our hospitals' financial problems, listing illegal aliens as one reason. It doesn't describe how our citizens feel reading about taxpayer money used to build illegal Hispanics affordable housing in the Eugene area for food they can't afford to buy.

If Jackson County has jobs and affordable housing, I would hope it would help the citizens of the country get them instead of encouraging more illegal immigration or multiculturalism. Sympathy for individuals should not be above protecting the economic security of our citizens. ' Betty Lukinich, Grants Pass

Faith in humanity restored

I was losing my faith in humanity until I tripped over a speed bump on Sept. 15 in front of Bi-Mart. I fell flat on my face and was surprised that so many people came to my aid.

I want to thank all those people who called 9-1-1 and made other calls for me and who offered antiseptic wipes since I was bleeding. Whoever you are, I truly thank you. Also, a thank you to the firemen. They were great.

I can't forget to say thank you to Maisie Bertak who took me to the ER and brought me home and her husband, Mike, who drove my car home. And also to thank Wayne Bennett of the Kiwanis for mowing my lawn since I broke my hand.

— There are truly wonderful people out there. Thank you all for helping. My faith in humanity has been restored. ' Tina Carrara, Central Point

They must prove it

Bob Calhoun (letters 9/21/05) makes the mistake of many creationists in offering the intricacies and wonders of nature as proof of a creator. They are not. Where is the empirical evidence?

Claiming that the real argument is over the origin of life is preposterous, perhaps disingenuous. Evolution does not claim to answer that question. It offers only possibilities.

As far as making creationists sound like myth-believing, superstitious simpletons, I for one, do not believe creationists are simpletons.

It is simple. Creationists have made a proposition. They must prove it with observable or testable facts. They have not and evidently cannot. ' Jim Ross, Medford

Liberalism misunderstood

I must protest a recent misunderstanding of my liberalism by Mr. Harrold in his Sept. 24 letter to The Mail Tribune. Yes, I am a self-acknowledged liberal, but I never once called for big government ' just for an acknowledgment of what government is, in my judgment, all about.

If we humans could be trusted to balance the rights and freedoms we owe to our communities with the obligations such a gift entails, there would be no need for government. But I fear we can't. I don't know how you construe original sin, but it seems obvious to me that selfishness is a secular candidate ' the incorrigible temptation to take what we owe to others in despite of what such a benefice in all justice and fairness requires us to yield up in turn.

Government is ' or rather should be ' the indispensable referee in the (no mere) game of communal life we live together, at all levels of our togetherness. It seems to me that these days greed, self-indulgence, acquisition, and what Thornstein Veblen aptly dubbed conspicuous consumption are in the saddle and riding roughshod over the rights of others ' the destitute, the merely different, the needy. Is that conservatism? ' Eric Massey, Ashland


The United Way Day of Caring referred to in a letter in Wednesday's paper has already occurred.