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We need conservatives

It did my heart good to see Judge John Roberts confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States. We need more conservatives as leaders of our great nation.

Now our president has another opportunity to strengthen our Supreme Court by appointing a God-loving, abortion-hating person. If we are going to turn things around morally, this would be a good time and place to start.

Also, it would be nice to see less Bush-bashing and more support for our nation and troops ' praying for them would be a good start. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

Don't oppose inquiry

Intelligent design has nothing to do with injecting religion into science, or invoking God to explain what we don't yet understand. It is about following where the evidence leads.

Consider the genetic code. DNA is essentially information. Physical laws cannot produce complex information. Neither can chance events. It's not that this is improbable, it's logically impossible. And each cell in your body contains more information than the entire Encyclopedia Britannic.

If you decode a section of DNA, it will reveal no formula for decoding the next section. There is no regular, repeated pattern that would indicate the operation of physical law. The information is independent of the chemical medium; it's software, not hardware. Natural selection cannot create information; neither can physical laws. It's so obvious that intelligence is the only explanation that Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA, postulated aliens as the source of life on earth.

— ID theory is not creationism. It does not ask, What does the Bible say? but What does the evidence show? I'd leave the Bible and the aliens out of it; otherwise ID theory ought to be discussed in science class alongside evolutionary theory. To oppose it is to oppose honest scientific inquiry. ' Lynn Barton, Medford

Forest Service crime spree

I am writing to thank Peter Defazio for asking for an independent investigation into the admitted illegal logging at Babyfoot Lake Botanical Area.

The Illinois District Forest Service is on a crime spree. First John West, Silver Creek Timber illegally logs inside a protected wilderness area, operations suspended. Then comes Babyfoot Lake Botanical logging by the same John West Silver Creek, no explanation! The Illinois District then resurrects a notoriously contentious Home Page Old Growth timber sale and bulldozes an illegal road through the Grayback Old Growth Reserve for logging interests to thank the public for getting screwed.

To make matters worse, trails on the Illinois District are in a state of disrepair and some are in serious danger of being overgrown and lost forever. I recently discovered the popular Sucker Creek Trail was overgrown, the sign destroyed by shotgun blasts. The trails crew has been let go in exchange for timber planners and no trial maintenance is planned despite an enormous backlog. Is this because the Illinois Ranger District no longer cares about the quality of life, botanical areas, or the recreation that brings millions to our community every year? Please act now to save our forests. Thank you. ' Justin Rohde, Cave Junction