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Recycle phone books

This letter is in response to the letter written on Oct. 12 regarding the surplus of phone books in the valley. You can recycle them in intermingled recycling same as this newspaper. Yes, it's a shame so many trees have to be sacrificed for unnecessary overabundance of things, but the phone books don't have to go to the dump. ' Shona Harris, Medford

Just wondering

I've been reading and listening with interest to the debate about evolution vs. intelligent design as the explanation of the origin of man. An uninformed person might wonder why this debate is taking place in the editorial pages instead of the classroom. There are clearly enough questions about evolution and enough validity to the ideas of intelligent design to allow the brilliant minds of our academics and our students to continue to research both and come to some very informed conclusions.

But alas, the question is not a scientific one but a political one. We have chosen not to discuss intelligent design because intelligent design suggests a creator. And any discipline that suggests a creator is thought to violate the separation of church and state, and is therefore unconstitutional.

So now our Constitution limits the scope of intellectual discovery? Can that really be what the Founding Fathers intended? Perhaps the real issue is that the admission of the possibility of a creator means that we might be accountable to that creator. Just wondering. ' Kevin Gowland, Medford

Intelligent design nonsensical

Evolution is a theory in the scientific sense that it has been tested and confirmed repeatedly. Intelligent design is not a theory at all, but a religious campaign whose basic proposition is the intervention of a designer that cannot be tested. It has no evidence to offer, and its assumptions are the same as its conclusions.

Accepting the fact of evolution does not mean discarding a personal faith, but accepting intelligent design means discarding science. Rather than being a triumph of faith, intelligent design is a failure of education and is nonsensical. ' Gene Goodson, Medford

AFN fee absurd

I find it appalling that city of Ashland residents are going to be forced to pay &

36;7.50 a month on their electric bills to help AFN ease its debt load. AFN should either close its doors and consider it a loss, or jack up its rates for already existing AFN customers.

Or, why not charge an install fee? Charging customers that do not have AFN (nor any other choice for electricity) isn't the way to go about it. ' Steve Ryan, Medford

Get the facts

Once again we are faced with a Bush administration dilemma: Put Bush cronies in office and allow them to avoid answering significant questions regarding their opinions on constitutional issues, or speak out and demand answers that reveal Miers' positions on very serious topics.

We the people deserve to know just who we are going to have sitting in the most important seat in our country for life. The Senate must get the facts. ' Jessica Vineyard, Talent

No more cronies

We let him buy his way into his second term; are we going to be stupid enough to let him take control of the Supreme Court also? God, I surely hope not. What's next, a third term? ' Robert Walker, Rogue River

Miers unqualified

How can George Bush act in such an ignorant and reckless manner? I agree with Pat Robertson, for the first time, in that Harriet Miers' qualifications are nonexistent. Who in their right mind ... — ' Paul Miller, Happy Camp, Calif.