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Small minds think alike

News flash

: Rep. Greg Walden admits he has a small brain, (some of us knew this before he did) re: article in MT 10/12/05 about protecting wild salmon. Of course he missed the big picture of protecting the entire ecosystem.

His reasoning, if it can be called that, is diametrically opposed to his support of Pumbo's bill to gut the ESA. Small brains think in small ways! ' Yale Sacks, Central Point

Supreme irony

What is the definition of hypocrisy? A couple of weeks ago, liberals were accused of all sorts of things by conservatives because they wanted to know a little more about John Roberts. Today, those same conservatives are asking those same questions about Harriet Miers. ' Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

Looks like cronyism

Judicial appointments should be made with consideration of the appointee's grasp and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Scholars and judges study for years to learn the interpretations of this document.

Miers admits that she has not worked with constitutional cases. I don't believe this is something you can learn by the seat of your pants and to me this appointment looks like cronyism. ' Carol Balone, Ashland

Superstition alive and well

Religion says the world could end at midnight. Science says the world could end in 100 million years.

— Science says the end comes from beneath the earth. Religion says the end comes from the heavens.

Sounds like superstition is alive and well, as it was 25 ,000 years ago, handed down from generation to generation.

Maybe religious and scientific superstitious predictions are holding us all down in one way or another, but not today; I got my good luck charms with me. ' Tom Rolie, Medford