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Pick up your trash

It is very rude and inconsiderate to leave your trash anywhere, especially school playgrounds. I work at Jefferson Elementary School, and each Monday we face a playground full of trash left from the players, coaches and spectators of weekend sports using our field.

We teach our students to respect others and the property of others. Please help us and respect our students. Pick up your trash! ' Valerie McMahan, Jefferson Elementary School

Speak out against Miers

I am writing to encourage pro-liberty citizens to speak out against the Harriet Miers nomination.

Now that our Supreme Court-installed and black-box-rigged emperor is poised to set our country on an irretrievable neo-fascist course, his Supreme Court nominations must be thwarted. Though Harriet Miers may seem sheepish, our country's basic premise of democracy can easily be lost forever if we find ourselves bowing to another ideologue in objective packaging.

Our democracy is far too precious for ideologues. ' Spencer Lennard, Williams

GOP not true conservatives

I am confused. I thought that the Republican Party stood for a smaller and less intrusive federal government, responsible fiscal policies, state's rights and personal responsibility. If so, why is President Bush so intent on reversing Oregon's twice-passed death with dignity policy?

— A true Republican, even if they do not morally agree with the law, would stand by the right of Oregonians to implement it. President Bush wants federal judges to strictly interpret the Constitution, but where in the federal Constitution or Bill of Rights does the right to regulate dangerous drugs reside?

Nowhere. Therefore, that right is left to the states to determine, which is something a true conservative and, ironically, many liberals, would know and fight to defend. ' Mark Wisnovsky, Jacksonville

Jazz Jubilee outstanding

Congratulations to the promoters of the 2005 Medford Jazz Jubilee! It was outstanding and beyond our expectations.

Having been away from music for too long I was not prepared for the high caliber of bands and musical performances. Everyone on the jazz circuit these days seems to have notched things up ' way up.

My group settled in at the Red Lion all day Friday and between the two stages there we witnessed some of the best traditional jazz anywhere.

The organization and operation of the two stages at the Red Lion were top-notch. I appreciated the tight control by venue managers with their house rules announcements, the nonsmoking atmosphere, the sound systems, lights, even the excellent Chinese food I ate at my seat during the last set. Most appreciated was the obvious respect volunteers paid to the musicians.

The well-produced, professional print program, loaded with all the information one would need regarding the bands, schedules, community participation and sponsorship, was impressive.

Thanks to the staff, sponsors and volunteers for an outstanding gift to Southern Oregon.

Save me a couple seats for next year. ' Dennis Rasmussen, Rogue River