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Reason in short supply

Militarism, religiosity, scientific weaponry and unleavened greed are the present-day horsemen of the apocalypse. If these galloping threats cannot be contained by reason and logic, they will unmake civilization and perhaps even our species.

The only possible answer to this looming threat is reasoned discourse, and at present that seems to be in short supply. ' Frank Papen, Ashland

Gospel music not free

My wife and I again enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the Medford Jazz Jubilee. However, charge one black mark against this wonderful event.

To attend the gospel concert at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater, a badge for the Sunday events (&

36;25) was required. Whoever heard of charging admission for a gospel or church service?

The event should have been more accurately called Beth Baker in Concert.

On Saturday, she was imploring everyone to skip church on Sunday to attend her gospel service. Many people were turned away, thinking admission was free. ' Murrey Dumas, Medford

Recognizing a leader

I applaud the recognition of Dee Anne Everson, executive director of United Way of Jackson County, as one of Oregon's top business leaders Oct. 1.

Dee Anne, as many in the nonprofit community, gives tirelessly of her time and energy to support our community. Dee Anne is particularly noteworthy. She is engaging, passionate, intelligent, and finally, she is effective.

Many influence our local United Way, but the organization in many ways reflects the same positive qualities that are present in Dee Anne. United Way is an effective organization that addresses a wide range of issues that have a significant impact on our community and economy.

Through United Way, our community supports valuable programs that address causes of poverty and conditions that lead to the devastation of families. Through United Way, we support children, the elderly, low-income families and the disenfranchised. The organization's helping hand brings hope and powerful options to a segment of our community that desperately needs it.

I applaud recognition of Dee Anne Everson as one of our significant community leaders. I also applaud United Way of Jackson County for efforts that ultimately improve our lives. ' Allison Koenig, Medford

Promote the common good

Oprah's television program on Oct. 4 was outstanding and a much-needed program.

She had arranged a visual display of hundreds of pictures of girls and women who had been brutally raped and killed by sexual predators. She said that there are thousands of sexual predators walking our streets every day. With fierce emphasis, she demanded that the laws have to be changed.

Now we quote the local newspaper: The Oregon Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a state law against conducting live sex shows and also a local ordinance regulating conduct of nude dancers.

We had hope that the courts would assume the responsibility to promote the common good. It does not seem to go that way. ' Ralph J. Denman, Jacksonville

No politics not so bad

Jonah Goldberg, in his column, Cronyism isn't always bad (Oct. 12), concludes by writing:

If we always went with the best resum? and nothing else, there would be no political parties because demonstrated loyalty to the team, shared sacrifice, shared principles and hard work wouldn't count for anything. And without that, there'd be no politics at all.

Noting that he seemingly scorns merit and makes no mention of integrity, ability, knowledge, experience or collegiality in his list of politically admirable attributes, and noting what is current in Salem and Washington, D.C., I ask: ' no politics at all ' would be bad how? ' Harry A. Freiberg, Brookings