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Attend municipal court

If a person has driven 35 mph in a 20 mph school zone every school day for the past 10 years, does this make the driver exempt from the law? What if this person has never used his seat belt and is finally caught?

Here in Gold Hill, thanks to a federal traffic grant, our police department has been able to enforce traffic laws more regularly than in the past. On Friday, I read that Judge Don Leahan has a problem with this.

My advice to each and every member of the interested public would be to attend our next municipal court session at 6 p.m. on Nov. 14 in the Gold Hill City Hall. Any interested person should have the right to see the kinds of citations the Gold Hill Police Department has written. Officers from this department have nothing to hide, and I can guarantee you will not see people appearing in court for going four miles over the speed limit.

I would encourage attendees to judge the proceedings for themselves. If Judge Leahan dismisses the whole group without hearing a single case, the community must decide how to proceed from that point forward. ' Cpl. Anthony Nunez, Gold Hill Police Department

Does George Bush care?

When there were many people in New Orleans waiting for food, water, health care and shelter after Katrina hit, George Bush waited days before he sent in aid. Is this a man who cares about people?

George Bush gave a big tax break to the rich and made it harder for the people to file for bankruptcy. Is this somebody who cares for the working class?

— After Bush was appointed president in 2000, the black community of Washington, D.C., pummeled his car with rotten fruit. Is this how Bush paid back the poor when he held back aid to the people of New Orleans?

Bush also decided to waive the Davis-Bacon Act, which provides a prevailing wage for federal contracts. The people of New Orleans cannot even make a decent wage. Is this an act of economic bias?

Is George Bush an economic discriminator, or does he just hate people who are poor? I hope somebody answers these questions. ' Bruce Bauer, Medford

ODFW repeating research

Mark Freeman's article, Fall Creek Hatchery gets new life (Oct. 13), is very interesting. However, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon State University seem to be repeating research that was begun by the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission in 1937 and has continued to the present.

Some of the commission's work is described in Fisherman's Fall (1975 edition), Chapter 3. New Horizons by Roderick Haig-Brown, Crown Publishers Inc., New York. Haig-Brown was a consultant to the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission and was instrumental in initiating some of the research undertaken by the commission.

It appears from Freeman's article that a thorough literature search was not undertaken prior to establishing the Oregon Conservation Research Hatchery. Perhaps the researchers should consult with the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission prior to undertaking their research.

However, I do applaud the goal of researching the interactions between hatchery-reared and wild salmon (a subject also referred to in Fisherman's Fall, a subject that needs much more study! ' John M. Sully, Ashland

Why expand Jacksonville?

Whoa, hold on there. What's all this surprise about with the city and the county? Who wants all this expansion, who has the most to gain from it?

Do we residents of Jacksonville want this community to expand? Why make it larger, will it still be Jacksonville? I doubt it.

What's wrong with a population of 2,000? We have one of the best elementary schools in the state. The city services provided are very good. If we open up this end of the valley any more they will all be inadequate.

They started with one bypass that nobody wanted and now Paul Wyntergreen is talking about a second by-pass. More people means more salaries and expanded salaries for the existing employees. Does anyone else in Jacksonville agree with me?' Douglas M McLean, Jacksonville