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Food for thought

A week or so ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I read the guest opinion by Bob Calhoun. It was titled, We need to bring civility back to the valley. It was well thought out and articulated nicely.

His main theme was that we have become so entrenched in our opinions that anyone who disagrees is either nuts, stupid, wrong, a liar, suspect, or an extremist, and we loudly proclaim those epithets to the entire world.

I am a right-wing, conservative Republican, and I have my ideas as to how things should operate. And, I have to admit that I'm not always right (an admission that must be made regardless of how much it pains me to make it). Others should realize that they are not always right either.

I wish I could reprint the entire article, but time and space prevent it. He closed the article with: We can start right here and now. Whether writing to local editors, debating neighbors or carrying placards, may we all endeavor to communicate in respectful and constructive ways.

Think about it. ' Murray LaHue, Phoenix

Support Ashland network

This is in reference to the Ashland Fiber Network flap.

— When I first came to Ashland, I was overjoyed to find that I could get a high-speed Internet connection for &

36;13 to &

36;18 less than the going rate in California. In addition, on the same cable I could have television with some unique channels that are just not available elsewhere. This company is of course Ashland Fiber Network.

The alternative was a big corporation, nationwide, that was cutting its rates in Ashland to compete with AFN. That in itself is not bad, but you can rest assured that if for any reason AFN is forced to go under, that your high-speed Internet and your television rates will skyrocket.

I, too, question the wisdom of the city of Ashland adding &

36;7.50 to the electric bill, and I hope they will seek a more palatable alternative soon; but I believe, as does Russell Sadler in his article Oct. 16, that we must keep AFN or be left paying more for Internet access and television, and still be left with a &

36;10 million bond debt and nothing to show for it.

I encourage more people to support Ashland Fiber Network. ' Victor W. Rogers, Ashland

Turn down the volume

When will TV advertisers realize that the louder they crank up the volume on their annoying commercials, the quicker the viewers are to quiet them with the handy mute button on the remote? ' Terry Blake, Sams Valley

Rodeo is cruel

If you want to see tame horses bucking to relieve the pain of straps cinched tightly around their stomachs, go see rodeo. If you want to see people digging painfully into these animals with sharp spurs, go see rodeo.

If you want to see people roping baby cows, sometimes breaking their necks, go see rodeo. You might even see cows and horses who were riled up ahead of time with painful electric prods. Rodeo riders often do this to make it look like the animals they're conquering are wild and dangerous.

Rodeo is so cruel that England banned it a long time ago. But if you'd like to see cowards lording it over helpless, frightened animals instead of manning up to life's real challenges, go see rodeo. ' Barbara Rosen, Ashland