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Drug house persists

I have lived on the same street for eight years. Some people on this street have lived here their whole life. We had a drug bust on this street, approximately four years ago. None of the neighbors knew it was going on. The man is now serving time in prison.

In the meantime, another family member has moved into this house, and for the last year there has been drug activity going on. The police are aware, in fact every agency in the valley is aware, but from what we all see nothing is being done.

What will it take to address this problem? ' G. Briant, Medford

Valley needs a sports station

Lately I've heard several radio stations playing an ad against paying for radio service. It states, Why pay for what you can get for free?

Really? Then where are my free NBA, NFL and MLB games? Why doesn't one of these stations step up and supply the valley sports audience with some games? We can hear high school and the Oregon Ducks but no pro games. I don't care what radio station 580 AM says, this valley needs a sports station.

Come on, free radio, or I'll have to go to paying for it and not listen to your stations. ' Craig Pierce, Eagle Point

Bush synonymous with failure

I can't wait until Bush and his administration are impeached for forging documents to lie America into a war. Then we can begin to repair the damage his five-year unnatural disaster has caused to our once great nation.

It is hard to understand why some still coddle the president and come up with the most ridiculous excuses for his grave misdeeds. I mean, I expect that from a junkie like Rush Limbaugh or a sexual deviant like Bill O'Reilly, but they are millionaires and Bush's tax breaks actually help them and they have no souls. The rest of us are going to have to pay for Bush's dictatorship for decades and many generations to come.

I wish they would halt all of his appointments and undo John Roberts' confirmation. Then a real elected president can make an educated, intelligent decision on those appointments after Bush is impeached.

Bush can't be trusted to make any decisions; that is why if you press the feeling lucky button with the word failure in the Google window, George Bush's professional profile comes up. ' J. Paqu?, Medford

Evidence suggest young earth

There is evidence of a young Earth that refutes evolution. Firstly, the Bible explains how time began in Genesis 1:5 when God called the light day and the darkness night. And the evening and the morning was the first day. Five days later, Adam, the first man, was created.

Secondly, according to The Timetables of History, a secular book, the dawn of recorded history was somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago.

Thirdly, the names of various animals in usage today, found in the Bible, were given by Adam. This fact indicates a short history for both man and animals and substantiates Bible chronology.

Fourthly, accelerated nuclear decay, fission tracks in volcanic rock and helium diffusion in granite rocks reveal a geologically young Earth.

Lastly, the sun shrinks five feet per hour. This means the sun would have been too hot to sustain life on planet Earth 100,000 years ago.

The foregoing facts reveal not only a young Earth but also reveal a short history of all living things instead of millions of years. Scientific evidence for a creator is also found in the design of all life forms which required intelligence and information so that men are without excuse. ' Edward Aquirre, Medford

How was it tested?

Gene Goodson's letter (Oct. 13) says that evolution has been tested and confirmed. He and others that adhere to evolution never seem to say how.

Where are the missing links? Why does the carbon dating system seem to lose its validity every time someone comes forth with proof of the exact date of a tested item? Why does the universe seems to get younger with each textbook written?

How can they determine age based on rocks and sediment when there was nobody here when these things were created? Why after Mount St. Helens erupted were scientists amazed at the sedimentary residue that they saw, appearing to show (to their science) that the volcano actually erupted hundreds if not thousands of years before?

It seems to me that it takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in a loving, almighty, all-knowing creator. Just look around. This wasn't by accident. ' M. Becker, Medford

Voters have spoken

Measure 37 was overturned by a court, but that may only be temporary.

On Oct. 12, at the League of Women Voters lunch meeting, Greg Holmes of 1,000 Friends of Oregon spoke of land-use planning, quality of life and the impact of Measure 37. He praised the state land-use policy which increases population density by filling in the usable space within the developed areas.

Other people spoke of the quality of life and open spaces as the reason they moved here.

Holmes did not mention that population density increase always increases crime rate and reduces quality of life. Holmes criticized the backbone of our board of commissioners for resisting that policy.

Holmes criticized Measure 37 for thwarting big-government land-use restrictions resulting in development far from the population density centers. He did not mention that in doing so, open space and quality of life are being preserved.

Local planning boards have proposed reduction in population density. Measure 37 goes a long way toward that goal.

He called the voters of Jackson County idiots for voting in Measure 37 and the commissioners.

Intelligent, not idiot, voters recognize the error and have spoken. ' Max B. Frederick, Central Point

These guys are no slouches

For the folks that have been vehemently opposed to creationist thinking one must completely refute these scientists' findings because they were all creationists:

Gerald E. Aardsma (physicist and radiocarbon dating).

Louis Agassiz (helped develop the study of glacial geology and of ichthyology).

Steven A. Austin (geologist and coal formation expert).

Charles Babbage (helped develop science of computers/ developed actuarial tables and the calculating machine).

Robert Boyle (helped develop sciences of chemistry and gas dynamics).

Wernher von Braun (pioneer of rocketry and space exploration).

Georges Cuvier (helped develop sciences of comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology).

Michael Faraday (helped develop science of electromagnetics/developed the Field Theory/invented the electric generator).

Johann Kepler (helped develop science of physical astronomy/developed the Ephemeris Tables).

James Clerk Maxwell (helped develop the science of electrodynamics).

William Ramsay (helped develop the science of isotopic chemistry/discovered inert gases).

Leonardo da Vinci (helped develop science of hydraulics).

And, of course, Lord Kelvin which the scale of temperature measurement was named after.

I ain't got no doctorate but somthin' tells me these guys are no slouches. They musta had a few things right! ' Garon Wells, Jacksonville

Failing grade no surprise

I read the article in the online version of the Mail Tribune concerning Jackson County's failing grade for lack of citizen participation in the planning process.

As one of the citizens who has participated in planning processes concerning my community I find it no small wonder that the county received a failing grade. The county can and does dismiss, ignore or even ridicule testimony from citizen advisory committees. The county may on paper support the idea of citizen advisory committees but they will in practice not fund them and certainly not share any representative power with them.

I would offer a counter-proposal to Commissioner Gilmour's idea of creating CACs with accountability to the commissioners. My proposal would be to end the county-wide election of county commissioners and replace it with a localized community-based election of commissioners.

How can my rural community of Sams Valley be represented by commissioners who live in the city and suburbs and who are elected by a majority of voters from the city and suburbs?Those commissioners elected at the localized community level would better represent the interests of their constituents. ' Bill Martin, Sams Valley

Teachers are the link

The District 9 School Board was elected to utilize taxpayers' money in the best manner possible to provide quality education for our kids. Quality teachers are the primary link. Class size, salaries and benefits that compete with other districts will attract and retain the new inspiring young teachers we need to get our scores up from the bottom.

At the last contract negotiations, the board cried no money. When the contract was settled, they held a special meeting and gave administrators 4 to 13 percent raises. They are now saying get over it.

They are still crying no money, will not negotiate and hired a mediator. A carry-over figure of &

36;5 million has been tossed about but the board has not acknowledged that fact and leaves it hanging in the air as if it isn't true.

In a district-wide memo on Oct. 17, Dr. Feusahrens stated The current projected ending fund balance is &



36;7 million? How can teachers trust the School Board? How can taxpayers trust the School Board? What are they going to do with our money this time? ' Linda Curtis, Shady Cove

Return rights to the people

I have lived in Sams Valley for 35-plus years, and seen much of the growth, without a Citizens Advisory Committee.

I get suspicious when I hear that term. I interpret it as a group of people who by banding together can force their opinions and visions onto other people. I don't know anyone who has asked for their advice!

When I read about untold hours of county-paid staff time and reams of local citizen testimony, I hear county staff wasting our tax dollars and local citizens verbalizing their views as testimony in a hearings room where no one is sworn to tell the truth, where hearsay, opinions and suspicions are allowed into the record ' the definition of a Kangaroo Court.

We are fighting a war to ensure that the Iraqi people can have a constitution and vote their will, while here in Oregon 61 percent of voters pass Measure 37 and it's vetoed as unconstitutional by one judicial advocate. Does anyone else see the absurd contradiction here?

Let's return property rights to the people who own it, not the SVCAC, 1,000 Friends, or LCDC.

I and many others applaud our commissioners for their decisions and good work on Measure 37. ' J.M. McCauley, Sams Valley

Land-use laws serve us well

Those who care about livability, less traffic, preserving resource lands and maintaining government's ability to govern should feel elation after Measure 37 was declared unconstitutional by the Marion County judge. The 187 claims or so in Jackson County and the 1,000-plus statewide would have swelled greatly as large corporate landholders including timber companies eventually filed to hack up tracts for short-term profit to the long-term detriment of Oregon's livability.

Measure 37 backers were wise to trot out a few aggrieved older folks to show how terrible our land-use laws are, but the truth is that Senate Bill 100 and the of Land Conservation and Development department and commission serve us well and prevent the livability disasters of other states that allow land-use anarchy. Land ownership entails the legitimate risk of government's zoning land for the common good. Government's right to govern must be preserved for everyone's benefit.

Measure 37 would have given us tremendous low-density sprawl accompanied by yet more gridlock in cities like Medford, exactly what many new Oregonians fled from. It did nothing for anyone living in cities where infill programs over years would likely expand property rights, not lessen them, and nothing for true farmers or growers. ' Brent Thompson, president, Friends of Jackson County

Pull back from the abyss

Pat Clason's Oct. 11 letter gave a reasonable explanation of the serious damage blister rust does to white bark pine, with efforts occurring to locate resistant trees, hopefully resulting in ongoing survival of the species.

However, it appears, when reading the last two paragraphs, the information was really a setup.

Mr. Clason declares the efforts at survival have not been highly publicized because nutcase enviros might declare them Frankentrees and destroy the whole lot.

His final comment: White bark pine could likely be saved using the same technique.

His syntax leaves only one conclusion: Destroy the environmentalists to assure saving the white bark pine.

Mr. Clason's final solution indicates he's way over the edge; he should pull back from the abyss lest he be seen as an arboreal jihadist. ' P.R. Kellogg, Grants Pass