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School district needs PR

I vote a resounding yes on the school district's decision to hire a public relations firm. The administration and the board need to focus on education.

I would imagine that every other business in this valley with a comparable number of employees has a public relations firm on the payroll and the bill is a heck of a lot larger than &

36;50,000 a year. The cartoon in Sunday's paper and the previous negative letters regarding this matter only serve to support the fact that this is a past-due necessity. I only hope that the firm chosen proves to be the right one for the job. ' B.J. Buxton, Medford

Will misrepresents pensions

George Will, in his recent attack on pension plans, neglected to mention that the executives of Delphi were granted huge retirement packages just prior to the declaration of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy wipes out the pension plan for the employees, but the execs will be just fine (at least until the bankruptcy judge says otherwise).

Will reveals something of his motives in his choice of words. Pension plans are not welfare. They are contractual obligations between companies like GM and its workers.

Part of the problem with pension plans is that the corporations have failed to fund them according to their obligations. They are instead diverting the funds to keep stock prices up.

I'm guessing that Will is deliberately choosing to portray the payments to workers as welfare to imply that they are unearned. GM's problems are real, but they are the result of policy choices and are not the fault of the retired workers, who did the work they were asked to do for the wages and benefits which were on the table. ' Robert Keim, Talent

Ready, willing and able

Dear President Bush: I have heard that you have several vacancies in high-level Cabinet positions. I am taking the liberty of submitting my resum?e for consideration for any openings you may wish to fill:

1. Education: Your education initiatives are brilliant. You have done more for education than any president in history. Every city in America should name a school for you.

2. Military service: You are the greatest commander-in-chief since George Washington.

3. Work experience: I have no relevant work experience to impede me from carrying out your enlightened policies.

4. Religion: I have no problem with you talking things over with God. I'm sure he appreciates the advice.

5. Personal attributes: I am more loyal than a golden retriever. I don't know the meaning of the word no. All you have to do is hint at what you want and I will do it.

As you can see, I am eminently qualified to serve in your administration. I await your call. ' Clarence Brown, Medford

Livelihood in jeopardy

When I moved to the Applegate 30 years ago, the ranch was a dream come true for my family. Keeping our 4-H projects going along with our brood cow operation, irrigation water was a must. I thought the ditch, being in use since the 1800s, was very much outdated. Being a human backhoe is crazy.

The Little Applegate In-stream Flow Habitat Enhancement Project was going to be a much-needed improvement for the conservation of our water and soil. After six years into the project, I did not have irrigation for the growing season. Our calves have been raised on hay and my pastures need to be re-established. The pastures are beyond normal pasture management.

I have had to stand by and watch people manipulate things to their benefit and hurt others. Now my livelihood is in jeopardy. I believe the water war will go on forever.

John Snider, district director for Congressman Greg Walden, needs to be commended for trying to help the agricultural producers and landowners.

Being an agricultural producer is not easy. Helping us, you will get your return 100 times over. ' JuDee Wells, the Wells Ranch, Applegate/Ruch